10 Cabin Crew blogs you should follow in 2019!

Whether you’re seasoned crew or just thinking about beginning a Cabin Crew career there are some great crew blogs out there for you to follow.

Offering everything from seasoned advice, to advice on making the most of layovers or some crew-related humour to make you smile, we’ve listed ten of our favourite blogs, in no particular order!


Confessions of a Trolley Dolly

Creator Dan Air has created a blog that you can lose yourself in for hours.  Including guides and information for aspiring crew, articles dealing with current issues in the industry, and hilarious tales from behind the galley curtain there’s something for everyone here.

Also well worth reading are Dan’s ‘Angels of the Sky’ articles, which pay tribute to crew who have risked or given their lives for the safety of their passengers.

See Dan’s recent guest post for us here!


A Girl With Wings

BA crew member Becca takes you along on her travels with her, from the beginning of her career as crew.

As well as offering advice and detailing first hand her own experiences, Becca also gives great advice on things to do in the cities she visits for layovers – with great photos and handy recommendations of places to visit or where to eat.


Volare – An Australian Girl Learning How To Fly

The blog of our regular guest writer Taylor is a mixture of advice and real-life stories aimed at crew, alongside lifestyle and travel articles.  These are all written in Taylor’s open and friendly style.

Previously crew for an International Dubai based airline Taylor now works in Ground Services for a major Australian airline.

Take a look at Taylor’s articles for Cabin Crew Wings in our blog section!


The Dubai Diaries

As cabin crew for Emirates Rachel regularly updates her blog with articles detailing her cabin crew travels around the globe, and providing a realistic picture of the busy and challenging life of long-haul crew.

Rachel’s articles on her travel adventures also stand out – she really seems to know how to make the most of her time on layover!

Rachel also guest posts for us here at Cabin Crew wings – check out her most recent article here.


FA Joe

Not for the easily offended this one, but Flight Attendant Joe’s blog is packed with hilarious real-life stories and articles based on his experiences working as crew.

With two books already published (a third is in the pipeline) and a successful podcast there’s plenty to keep you entertained and laughing out loud with Joe’s witty, honest and occasionally shocking blog articles!


My Life as Laur

As cabin crew for a well-known airline Laur’s blog is well written and refreshingly genuine and honest.  The articles are mainly based around her travels and layover adventures, with plenty of tips and information and a handy reviews section.

There are also articles detailing some of Laur’s experiences as cabin crew, during training and beyond.

On this theme see her recent article for us– and look out for more from her soon.


The Layover Life

A member of Cabin Crew for BA Jess blogs about crew life, travel and advice on what to do on layovers.  Her blog features 24 and 48 hour destination guides, accompanied by beautiful photos.

There are also more detailed articles reviewing individual hotels, restaurants and activities that Jess has experienced on her travels – everything you need for inspiration to get the most out of your next layover.


Life as a Butterfly

This established blog written by ex crew cabin crew and world traveller Hayley Stainton contains a wealth of articles on both solo and family travelling.

Though many crew related articles and guides have been moved to Life as a Butterfly’s sister site, Becoming Cabin Crew, there are still a number of crew life articles on the blog, along with reviews and motivational lifestyle articles.


Jessica’s Journey with Emirates

Jessica’s blog follows her career and adventures working for Emirates over the last three years, and includes articles on crew life and layover travel.

With great photos and catchy blog post titles this well written blog is packed full of information about the destinations Jessica has visited, and she’s visited a lot!

The selection of articles on Dubai life in this blog are also handy for anyone thinking of a career with a Middle East airline.


Martha Stewardess

The long-standing blog of the fictional ‘Martha Stewardess’ is a mixture of travel and aviation related articles, providing witty and humorous advice to travellers, passengers and crew alike.

There’s also a useful travel resource section – Martha’s “Whirled” Air Travel Info, which has links to handy websites for frequent travellers.

So there you have it – our ten favourites!

A few other notable blogs we’ve discovered are the very handy and informative Cabin Crew Crazy, the gorgeous Abigail Alice blog and the lifestyle and travel blog of an ex-crew member Catch Me if you Cannie.

Do you have a blog?  Maybe you can recommend one we should know about?!  Or are you a crew member with a story to tell?

Comment below or drop one of our team a line!

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