5 Most Popular Cabin Crew Interview Questions

Here is a list of the five interview questions commonly asked during Airline Assessment Days. Read it, live it it, breathe it; in order to best prepare for what may very well be the first day of the rest of your life!*

*(at the risk of sounding like an overly dramatic bride…it is true. Becoming cabin crew is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle and it will change your perspective, career path and resume forever!]

Q: Why Do You Want To Become Cabin Crew?

A: Not “to travel”. Well done, you!

Every person in the world who has ever set foot on an aircraft would like to travel!

It is just as common to want to travel as it is to be gluten intolerant these days! Steer clear of clichés, and try not to sound like you are regurgitating your CV when answering. Be honest, and state your intentions from the heart. Use your interests and hobbies to your advantage, just be sure to “translate them” to professional speak. Like working out? Say that your athleticism and motivation would be conducive to a shift work life style. Love to cook? That means you’d love to work with world class chefs to plate and serve gourmet food to premium passengers. Et Voilá! It’s all about being truthful and letting your personality do the talking!

Q: Tell us about a time when…

A: Most customer service roles use…

Behavioural Interviewing questions to get a feel for the candidates and gauge experience levels simultaneously with communication skills. There’s not much point in being the world’s most experienced customer service professional if you can’t communicate in a professional and natural manner! The best thing to do is to prepare a list of prospective answers to hard questions such as when you disagreed with a colleague, or when you felt as though you had to challenge company polices in order to resolve an issue in the workplace. There is no right or wrong answer; it is all about how you personally handled the situation and your communication style.

Q: What is your biggest flaw?

A: This is not a question designed to trick you or catch you out.

Rather than being nervous and flustered and blurting out that you like to drink lots on the weekend or have a tendency to sleep in, choose to say something constructive such as “my biggest flaw would have to be my work ethic”. This shows that you work hard and put the needs of the company and your team, first- and then discuss the consequences after your work has been completed.

Q: Describe yourself in one word?

A: Anything you like!

This is where you can have a bit of fun with the interview process and give the interviewers and insight into your personality and what makes you authentically you! Mine was “determined” FYI.

Q: What can you bring to the company?

A: It is a wise decision to already have memorised the ethos and brand values of the company for this one.

Be sure to include them in your answer with a connecting word such as “ along with the airline’s value of being cosmopolitan, I feel I can bring my own personal flavour of customer service to ensure all passengers are left with a positive, personalised and memorable experience.

Use these, and the Behaioural Interview technique to perfect your professional prowess and nail your assessment day! These are also helpful in acing other interviews for the rest of your professional life

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Taylor has been loving and living the Aviation dream for 5 years. She has flown as Cabin Crew for an International Airline based in Dubai, where she lived and worked. Taylor is now based in her hometown of Perth, Western Australia, as a Lounge Agent for the national carrier.

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  1. Thanks for these questions. Here I want to share one more question i.e. What are your weaknesses? This may seem like a trick question—and that’s because it is. Few people are objective enough to be able to fully evaluate their weak points, which is why your interviewer is asking this question. With enough time to think it over, you can probably come up with a few weaknesses that would be perfect for a question like this. That’s what these mock job interview questions and answers are for, after all.

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