6 Differences Between Commercial and Private Cabin Crew

What's the real difference between commercial airline Cabin Crew and those who work on private jets? We've got the lowdown.

Have you ever thought of a different type of career in the skies? A VIP or corporate Cabin Crew role could be for you.

With leisure travel still limited due to the pandemic, Cabin Crew recruitment drives have been fewer this year. However, private airlines and business aviation companies are offering unique positions – for the right people.


Having experience in customer service is a huge bonus when it comes to applying to be commercial Cabin Crew. While this is still true of VIP Cabin Crew, it’s also a big advantage coming from a culinary background – especially in five-star, upper class environments. It’s likely that on private aircraft you’ll be tending to very discerning clients!

You’ll need to have both a broad knowledge of hospitality as well as the ability to read your clients to know how best to fulfill their needs, all while understanding the importance of discretion.


Your organisational skills as private Cabin Crew should be second to none! You’ll have a long list of duties and responsibilities – and that’s before you’ve even boarded the plane! You may be expected to:

  • Plan catering options for the flight and print menus
  • Shop for ingredients
  • Prep the cabin before the flight
  • Repackage food to fit into small galleys and prep and plate meals to high standards
  • Mix cocktails
  • Maintain excellent levels of cleanliness
  • Ensure the welfare of any animals on board
  • Assist passengers with unusual requests
  • Manage budgets
  • Organise events
  • Be computer-literate with knowledge of spreadsheets and presentation software


Passengers travelling on private aircraft are likely to be professionals and have high expectations. Cabin Crew on private charter flights must be confident and elegantly put together with exceptional manners and a hospitable attitude. There is fierce competition for roles so it’s handy if you have a good ability to deal with rejection as well as being able to demonstrate clear ambition and determination to achieve your goals. You won’t always have colleagues aboard with you either; you’ll need to be comfortable flying solo!


Taking care of passenger needs while ensuring a safe, efficient service is of the utmost importance. You must ensure the cabin is safe and secure with a smile on your face and empathy for any nervous fliers on board. Procedural checks will still occur but you may have to be less rigid when it comes to presentation and communication.


Cabin Crew are used to following unusual sleep and shift patterns, working antisocial hours as well as being rostered over special occasions and holidays. However, if you’re a freelance Flight Attendant on a private jet, for example, you might have to become even more flexible. Commercial airlines will stick to their route map, but if you work for a charter client or private aircraft owner, you could end up travelling anywhere at anytime! It’s essential to be willing to work-last minute, unpredictable hours.


Cabin Crew on charter services are usually higher-paid than regular Cabin Crew. While you may lose the flight benefits that many commercial airlines provide, there are often other perks such as health insurance and life insurance. When flying with charter clients, you may even receive an occasional gift or two!


Corporate Cabin Crew should be multi-talented, elegant and discreet, guaranteeing top-notch service and safety. You’ll be expected to think creatively, be flexible and above all, go that extra mile.

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