A Surprise Speaker on our Cabin Crew Course!

Our attendees on our ‘Get A Cabin Crew Job’ cabin crew course last weekend got a bit of a surprise when one of our previous students popped in for a question and answer session with them!

Wilson Almedia who attended our November 2018 course has went on to be accepted for a Cabin Crew position with British Airways, after also being successful in the assessment process for both Emirates and easyjet.

In a huge coincidence Wilson’s girlfriend was attending our October course last weekend, and when our trainer Baljit was telling the candidates about one of our favourite success stories, she realised quickly who she was describing!

Baljit was using Wilson’s story to explain how our cabin crew course can help those who have never been crew before fly through the assessment process! When Wilson attended the course he was a manager for a fast food chain, but his dream was to travel the world.

When Wilson’s girlfriend explained that he would be coming up at the end of the day Baljit decided to seize the opportunity and ask him if he would be able to spare a bit of time to chat with the candidates

He was delighted to help and spent about 20 minutes with answering their questions mainly about the interview process – how he felt when being interviewed and what kind of questions he was asked.

The candidates loved the fact that they got to speak to him, as one of our students said said “we’re not just sitting her doing a course…it feels real and a step closer!”

We at Cabin Crew Wings were absolutely delighted to hear how happy Wilson was with the course and trainers, and that he felt that being on the course had helped him enormously and left him feeling confident in his application and assessment for his dream career!

Our November 2019 course still has some places left! It’s being held at London Stansted on 23rd – 24th November – grab your place! Can’t manage along on those dates? Not to worry, there are more dates and locations to choose from!




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