Aer Lingus Cabin Crew Recruitment Process 2023

Aer Lingus is the flag carrier airline of Ireland and the second-largest airline in the country after Ryanair. Interested in being crew for the airline? Our guide to the Aer Lingus Cabin Crew Recruitment Process is here to help!

Before you start

You’ll need a copy of your current CV saved in either Microsoft Word or PDF format.

Your CV will be matched against the role requirements, to see how good a fit you’d be for Aer Lingus crew.

That’s why it’s really important to have a fantastic CV, where the information is written in a way that’s as relevant to the position as possible!

Step 1 –The Online Application

Read the job description carefully – this lists all of the qualifications and requirements that the airline is looking for.

There are some minimum standards that everyone needs to pass to secure a job with Aer Lingus:

  • You must have the right to live and work in the location you wish to work without sponsorship from Aer Lingus. They will ask you for proof of your eligibility to work if you are selected for an interview.
  • You need to hold a passport that allows unrestricted travel
  • You need to pass their security clearance procedure.

Before you upload your CV you’ll be asked to fill in your personal details, and answer some basic yes or no screening questions. These are just to make sure that you understand and meet the basic job requirements.

Once you’ve completed and submitted the application you’ll be sent an email confirming that it has been received.

Step 2 – The Telephone Interview

This is our first stage of selection. Aer Lingus may call candidates whose applications look interesting in order to:

  • Check any details on your application form
  • Understand why you applied to us
  • Understand why you are interested in the job you applied for
  • Find out more about your skills, experience and qualifications
  • Check that your expectations meet our needs

Step 3 – The Online Tests

If your initial application looks good you’ll receive an invitation to complete some online ability tests.

The online testing includes questions in the areas of numeracy, verbal reasoning and behaviour/personality.

Full instructions are provided, and you’ll be given the chance to complete some practice questions before you start.

It’s important to be prepared:

  • Set aside time for the assessments when you know you are unlikely to be disturbed
  • Try to complete the assessments in a quiet place away from distractions
  • Equip yourself for taking notes with pens/pencils, paper and a calculator

Nervous about this stage? You’re not alone! Don’t worry, we have it covered. Our Cabin Crew Ability (psychometric) tests workbook has tons of practice questions (and answers!) to help you ace these sort of tests when it counts.

Step 4 –The Face to Face Interview

If you’re successful in the online testing and video interview stages you’ll receive an invitation to travel to Aer Lingus HQ in Dublin for a final face-to-face interview.

This final interview will last around 30-40 minutes and contains more questions to assess your suitability for the role.

This is perhaps the most important part of the application process – it gives you the opportunity to prove yourself to the recruiters and give detailed answers to show that you have the skills that they are looking for.

Preparation is key here. This is your big chance to convince the recruiters that YOU are the person that the airline wants on their crew.

Following the interview your whole application and performance will be considered, and you’ll be informed of their decision, whether it be good news or bad.

Final Checks

If you’ve been offered a position as crew, there are a few checks the airline will have to do before your employment can begin.

The checks will include following up references (you must provide a minimum of 3), criminal record checks, and your work background for the last five years (including any gaps which must be accounted for).

You’ll be asked to fill out a simple medical and health information form which will be reviewed by the airline’s occupational health department, and attend a medical examination.

Once all of these checks are completed you’ll be ready to begin your pre-employment training!


So, feel like you could crew for Aer Lingus?

Find out if they are recruiting here.

Best of luck!

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Cabin Crew Wings Team

Our team of experts have the many years as Cabin Crew plus HR experience and are up to date with the latest selection news.

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