BA Cityflyer Cabin Crew Recruitment Process 2023

Want to work for BA CityFlyer but unsure of how? Then just follow this simple guide.

Want to crew for BA CityFlyer? Follow our simple guide to the BA CityFlyer Cabin Crew Recruitment Process.

Offering flights on domestic and European routes from London City Airport, the airline takes great pride in giving excellent customer service. Could you be Cabin Crew for them?

Our step-by-step guide is here to take you through the application process.

Cabin Crew CV Help

Before you start

You’ll need a copy of your CV saved in MS Word or PDF.

It’s also a good idea to check and edit your CV so it’s ‘tailored’ to the position – highlighting your most relevant skills and experiences.

Your CV will be checked by specialist scanning software and matched against the role requirements. It really does need to be up to scratch!

We can help get your CV Cabin Crew Ready!

Have any certificates to hand that are relevant to your application, such as a certificate from a recognised cabin crew course.

Step 1 – The Application Form

Click on the link on our jobs board to take you to the online application form.

You’ll have to fill out your personal details and answer some basic screening questions. These are to make sure you understand and meet the basic requirements.

There are sections for you to upload your CV and certificates, and when you’ve submitted the form you’ll receive an e-mail confirmation.

Step 2 – The Online Tests

If you pass the CV screening process you’ll receive an invitation to take part in the online psychometric testing.

Practice these Online Tests before you take them.

These tests sound daunting but they just require a bit of time and practice. Our e-book has hundreds of practice tests (with answers) and is designed to help you pass this section with ease.


Try to set aside time for the tests where you wont be disturbed, and be prepared with a pen, paper and calculator.

The tests generally fall into three categories – numeracy, verbal reasoning and personality/behavior.

Once you’ve completed the tests you’ll be notified, if you’ve made it through to the next stage.

You’ll also receive a feedback report, whether the news is good or bad – helpful for future applications!

Step 3 – The Assessment Day

You’ll be asked to book yourself a slot at the BA Assessment centre if you’re successful in the online testing. This is located at Head Office, near Heathrow.

As well as giving you a chance to find out more about the airline and ask any questions you may have, the assessment will include:

If you’ve never attended an assessment event before it’s normal to feel a little bit nervous.

Stand out from the competition

We’re here to help, and along with the resources and articles on our site we also have an e-Book dedicated to the assessment day – what to expect, how it works and how to succed


If you’re successful in the earlier stages you’ll be invited to stay for an interview with a panel of two members of the recruitment team.

Step 4 – The Interviewinterview

The Interview is your big chance to impress the recruiters.

You’ll get the opportunity to show in your answers to the interview questions that YOU are the candidate for them.

It’s so important to be prepared. Think about what you might be asked, and how your experiences can back you up when you explain how the role is right for you.

British Airways like to see that candidates have done their homework – a bit of research into the airline and their policies could go a long way.

You shouldn’t have to wait too long to find out the result of your interview – BA aim to get back to candidates in around 8-10 days.

Final Checks

There are a few background checks that will need to be done before you can start your employment:

  • A 5-year employment history verification, including any gaps, which MUST be accounted for.

  • A Criminal Record Check.

  • A Financial Check.

You’ll also be asked to book a medical assessment, a uniform fitting and a security interview for your airside pass.

Following this you’ll receive your official offer of employment and contract from BA.

You’ll also be given a date to start the BA new entrant training and begin your new career!

If you want to work for BA CityFlyer, click here to find out if they are recruiting!

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Our team of experts have the many years as Cabin Crew plus HR experience and are up to date with the latest selection news.

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