Cabin Crew career change – is it for you?

Do you want to become Cabin Crew later in life?

A Cabin Crew career is a lifelong dream for some people. Others decide they want to become Cabin Crew later on in life – but is it ever too late for a career change?

With recent news that airlines are offering fast-track Cabin Crew recruitment to sacked P&O staff, we look at what it’s like becoming Cabin Crew after an alternative career or raising a family.

Have I left it too late to become Cabin Crew?

Some people think that they’re too old for a career change, or that they’ve missed the boat when it comes to applying to be Cabin Crew.

However, there is never a bad time to take steps to make your Cabin Crew career a reality – regardless of your age or previous occupation.

Follow your dreams The perfect motto for becoming Cabin Crew is: never give up. This applies whether you’re 17 and aspiring to be Cabin Crew from the get-go, or if you’ve had a career or a family and want to begin a new adventure. The lifestyle you want is within your reach if you’re determined and dedicated.

How old can I be?

The minimum age to work as Cabin Crew is 18, although various Middle Eastern airlines like Emirates require Cabin Crew to be at least 21.

Most UK airlines do not have an upper age limit. After all, a Cabin Crew career appeals to people at all stages of life. It isn’t ethical or legal to discriminate because of age. People with life experience and maturity can be a great asset to an airline.

Make sure your work and life experiences are reflected on your CV. This is a crucial thing to get right if you want to soar through the Cabin Crew recruitment process. Our Cabin Crew Wings expert can review your CV for you and give you honest, helpful feedback so that you can improve it. A lot of people do go wrong so it’s useful to have an expert eye go over it.

Common worries

There are a few different things that might put people off from applying for a Cabin Crew career change. Let’s dispel some of those myths.

Will I manage the training?

Cabin Crew is a physical job. That being said, you don’t need to be a total gym bunny to fulfil the role requirements. Health and fitness is important for everyone, no matter your age. There are certain physical requirements Cabin Crew must adhere to. These include having a healthy BMI, adequate vision and decent swimming ability.

You will have to undergo a medical check before starting any Cabin Crew job so it’s worth checking this out beforehand so you know what to expect.

Will I fit in on the training course?

You might think that you’ll be the oldest person on the training course and you’ll struggle to fit in. But remember, you all have so much in common already! You’ll be in the same boat, learning new things and making connections. Cabin Crew training creates bonds and friendships that can last a lifetime.

Being older and going through a career change gives you more experience – you may be more confident and adaptable. You’ve dealt with more unfamiliar challenges. Younger members of the group may look up to you, learn from you and lean on you for moral support, and you can help each other in your brand new work environment.

What if I still have children at home?

Some people believe that having a family and being Cabin Crew are mutually exclusive. This is not the case! Many people manage to have children and still work as Cabin Crew. Plus the airline perks of discounted travel mean you could provide an exciting eye-opening lifestyle for your kids! Read our guest post to find out how writer Kaylie Kay managed to do just that.

How will I cope with the hours?

A Cabin Crew roster can be difficult for anyone to get used to, irrespective of age! Irregular or anti-social hours and shift work including nights, bank holidays and weekends might be a concern for people who have spent their working life doing a standard 9 to 5.

But for many people considering a Cabin Crew career change, the hours might be more familiar. Have you worked in care or hospitality? These industries offer great customer service experience, and require you to work on a round-the-clock schedule.

If you want to apply to be Cabin Crew then you’ve already made a conscious choice to change your life! Will there be disruption? Yes, but you knew that – and you just need to make sure you’re prepared.

Having a Cabin Crew career means that you never know when you’ll be flying. In some ways this actually allows you more flexibility – on the days you don’t fly you could enjoy a quieter midweek shopping trip or being able to do the school run.

The longer you work as Cabin Crew, the more sway you’ll have over your roster and days off. Don’t let uncertainty put you off. It’s hard work getting a Cabin Crew job, but the reward is an amazing career and lifestyle that would make anyone jealous!

Do I have the right qualifications?

Experience is much more important than qualifications if you want to become Cabin Crew. You will need the equivalent of 3 GCSEs A* to C, but most airlines will be more interested in your experience and what you could bring to the role.

Even if you’ve worked at home, or stayed at home to raise children, you can always present your skills and experience well to demonstrate why you should be Cabin Crew. Emphasise things like your caring qualities, troubleshooting, risk management and organisational abilities. These are hugely relevant to a Cabin Crew career!

Try volunteering in a shop or working part-time in a restaurant for a while to gain customer service experience if that’s an area you’re lacking in.

It’s all about presenting your best self to recruiters so that they think you’d be a perfect fit for their airline. Our team at Cabin Crew Wings have years of experience in helping people land their dream Cabin Crew jobs – you can always get in touch with any questions!

And remember…

Many airlines actively look to recruit people with life experience, wisdom and maturity. They recognise the unique skills and values they could bring to a Cabin Crew role, for example excellent communication and a solid work ethic.

Whether you’ve been thinking about a Cabin Crew career change for years, or you’ve just got it as a fresh idea in your head, you are never too old to try new things – especially a Cabin Crew adventure!

For more in-depth help and information about the entire Cabin Crew recruitment process, it’s worth enrolling on our online course or signing up to the waitlist for our 2-day ‘Get a Cabin Crew job’ course. We also offer a selection of comprehensive eBooks packed full of specific tips for getting selected as Cabin Crew. Check out all our resources here.

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