Cabin Crew Dreams on Hold?

Job Searching in the Meantime!

Cabin Crew dreams on hold? You’re not alone – it’s an incredibly frustrating time for many people who have always dreamed of a career in the skies. Why not put the time until airlines open up recruitment to good use and gain some all important customer service experience?

There are a lot of public-facing jobs out there (even though it might not seem like it) – many of them on flexible and fixed-term contracts.

And as we all know excellent customer service is absolutely crucial to the Cabin Crew role.

Great Customer Service

What does ‘Customer Service’ really involve? It’s being good with people, and being prepared to go above and beyond the call of duty to deliver excellent service. It means recognising that your customers have different needs, and showing empathy when they have an issue.

Applying for a position in a supermarket or store is a great place to start. Most major retailers consider all employees as customer service representatives, and provide lots of opportunities for interaction with customers.

In addition working hours are work hours are often flexible. It may seem like a step back from what you’d hoped, however the experience you gain will stand you in good stead when recruitment opens up again for crew. Also, it shows initiative and a great work ethic – you’ve made the best of the current crisis.

There are also customer service jobs you can do remotely, from home. This may seem a little strange when it comes to onboarding, as you’ll be meeting people virtually via phone calls and video chats. But even though you’re speaking over the phone as opposed to face to face, you’re still solving customer problems, and thinking on your feet of the best way to resolve a complaint or situation.

You may also gain some skills in sales – this is regarded highly by some airlines who rely on the profits from duty-free and onboard food and drink sales.

You may find you experience more awkward customers when dealing with customer service online or on the phone – some people are braver with a screen or phone to hide behind. Embrace this and learn from it! Just think of all the great examples you’re storing up for your cabin crew interview answers…

Other options…

You can also seek additional customer service experience in other ways. Volunteer positions, for example,  offer great opportunities for customer service. Examples of areas here might be family help desks in hospitals, or charity work.

Organisations like St John’s Ambulance and the Red Cross also have volunteer opportunities (giving you experience and skills in first aid too), and there will usually be numerous community projects in your local area. It all counts!

At the heart of it, customer support is about communication – helping your customers and solving their problems. And every customer problem you encounter will require creative thinking and people skills to solve.

The ability to problem-solve is a crucial skill for any job, and these skills can also help you later in your career to earn promotions and achieve your goals!

And at the end of it all, when recruitment is open again you can be proud of the initiative you showed and prove how you were were still working towards your career goals even with your cabin crew dreams on hold!

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