Cabin Crew ghost stories….guaranteed to give you the spooks!!

Strange tales from the Skies!

At Halloween, who doesn’t love a good ghost story?

We bring you some of the most weird and wonderful cabin crew ghost stories and tales from the skies…read on if you dare!

Flight 401

The Story of flight 401 was one of the great ghost stories of the 1970s.

One of the world’s newest and flashiest airliners, a Lockheed L-1011 TriStar, was making one of its first flights for Eastern Air Lines on December 29, 1972. It crashed in Florida’s Everglades swamp just before midnight, killing 101 of the 176 people on board.

The story goes that parts from it were salvaged and installed in other L-1011s, and almost immediately, the ghost stories began!

Crew reported seeing apparitions of their deceased coworkers on board the planes using Flight 401’s spare parts.

A L-1011 owned by Eastern Air Lines was on a flight to Mexico City. One of the crew members glanced at the window of an oven in the galley, and was terrified to see saw face of a man looking back at her! She shouted for a colleague, who came and saw the same thing.

Frightened, they called the cockpit. The and flight engineer came to have a look for himself. He not only saw the face, but recognised it as Don Repo, the FE who died on Flight 401. The ghostly apparition said “Watch out for fire on this aircraft” then disappeared.

On landing it was discovered that one of the three engines was damaged and would have to be replaced. A ferry crew was assigned to fly it back home empty for repairs. But on takeoff, one of the two remaining engines caught fire, forcing them to make an emergency landing on just one engine.

The cockpit voice recorder was also replaced when the repair work was finally done. According to rumour the flight crew (who were highly reluctant to discuss it) had said that Don Repo had appeared in the cockpit and talked them through the landing.

Pilots and flight attendants frequently saw Don Repo after that, and he always gave them some kind of maintenance note about the aircraft. Captain of Flight 401 Bob Loft was also seen on a few occasions. The apparitions were always on aircraft that contained equipment salvaged from Flight 401.

Disappearing Children

“I work for a national airlines that mostly operated regional destinations, mostly we use a single aisle plane. There are only 2 galleys, the front galley and back galley. The front galley is close to cockpit thus it has an installed cctv there for the pilots to monitor activities around cockpit’s door (after 9/11 everything had to be installed for extra precaution).

During a flight at cruising altitude, the captain called asking ‘why are you letting two little kids play in front of the cockpit door?’

The crew replied there were no kids playing near the cockpit door. But captain insisted he could see them (a boy and a girl) playing in front of the door through the CCTV.

When the plane touched down and the crew got to the hotel, the captain pulled the senior crew member aside along with his First Officer. He asked if the crew really didn’t see the two kids playing in front of cockpit door. She maintained they didn’t and said since the galley is so small anyway (less than 10 metres long only from port-side door to starboard door) she wouldn’t have missed the two kids playing. Both pilots went blank then said both have seen the kids playing right there beside both crew members on the CCTV.

To this day nobody knows who the children were that were invisible to the cabin crew, but tvisible to both pilots on CCTV.

Source: Cabin Crew of Reddit

Ghostly PAX

“My friend told me that once when he was working a red-eye flight from SFO to JFK he  remembers specifically greeting a man in his early 40’s by the door, who was well dressed and carrying a briefcase.

The passenger sat at the back of the plane near the bathrooms. Before departure, the crew had counted 35 passengers on board the flight. Since it was a red-eye flight, most passengers slept and everything went smooth as usual. Before landing they recounted the passengers – only to come up with 34.

They thought the passenger was in the bathroom and actually checked, but it was empty. They eventually realised that the missing passenger was the man with the briefcase who was seated in the rear of the plane. A member of crew even recounted having a conversation with him about his wife and children.


Haunted Aircraft

A haunted airplane sounds like the makings of a horror movie, but a few such aircraft have been reported in in real life!

“Lights that turn themselves off and on. Unusual sounds. Sudden temperature spikes or drops. At my airline, we have always counted on aircraft #502 to have a mind of her own” said one stewardess.

Inspired by the Stephen King novel, she and other crew began calling this particular plane ‘Christine’ because they suspect it’s haunted (or even possessed!).

“She does seem to ‘behave’ for some people more than others, but lots of people have claimed to have seen her be quite temperamental. Christine doesn’t bother me, but some avoid flying on her because of the stories.”

A Boeing 737-8Q8 belonging to Sterling Airlines has also created quite a reputation for itself. Flight crew members, and even the cleaning crew don’t like to go on this plane at night.

There have been reports of footsteps being heard on the roof of the plane, even at over 30,000 feet in the air. It must be very unsettling hearing footsteps above your head when you’re flying over the Atlantic OceanI Apparently a woman died onboard  the plane, and it is believed that her spirit never departed…

Noises from the Cargo Hold

There have been numerous reports of strange noises from the cargo hold with no apparent source – banging, speaking, and tapping. This has been reported from crew on long-haul flights trying to grab som sleep in the crew bunks too.

Our final tale comes from a Virgin Atlantic flight. The story goes that a member of crew went to the galley, where she found an elderly man standing looking slightly lost and confused.

The man asked the flight attendant to pass along a message to a woman on-board, telling her that he was okay. The flight attendant complied with the man’s request and shared the information with the passenger, who was confused for a moment.

She then pulled a photo from her wallet and asked the crew member if the man in question was the same one as in the photo. When the crew member confirmed that it was, the woman said that the man was on-board in a sense – in a coffin in the cargo hold.

Do you have any spooky stories from the sky to share? Or do you think there’s a rational explanation behind it all?

Comment below!


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