Cabin Crew Height and Reach Requirements

Here’s our ‘at a glance’ guide to the height and reach requirements for some of the most popular airlines.

Please do check the job description for the post you’re applying for carefully as the requirements will be clearly listed here too – sometimes there may be slight differences.

For example for regional flight crew there may be a height restriction specified in the job description due to the smaller aircraft used on this route.

Some airlines have different height requirements for male and female crew members.

For the airlines who do not specify a minimum height it’s reach that is important, this is will be assessed through a reach test.

Airline Min Height (cm) Max Height (cm) Min Reach (cm)
Air Europa 165 (f) 170 (m) 208
BMI Regional 157.5 175
British Airways 158 186 201
Cathay Pacific 208
Eastern 147
Easyjet 157.5 190
Emirates 160 212
Ethiad 210
Flybe 157 188
Jet2 157
KLM Cityhopper 158 185
KLM 158 190
Lufthansa 160 195
Monarch 157.5 187
Norwegian 165 (f) 170 (m)
Qantas 163 183
Qantas Link 153 183
Qatar 212
Ryanair 157 188
Singapore 158 (f) 165 (m)
Stobart Air 157 188
Swissair 158
Thomas Cook 165
Titan 157.5
TUI 162
Virgin 157.5 210
Wizz Air 165 (f) 175(m) 210
The minimum height on most European airlines is 157cm. Some airlines will consider exceptions (within reason) for applicants with previous cabin crew experience.

Where the maximum height is not specified and an applicant is particularly tall the airline will take everything into consideration – if you’re a promising candidate this may just mean you’d only be offered work on certain routes i.e. long haul where the aircraft are larger.

Remember you can also check out our airline guides, which have the basic information and requirements for each airline laid out for you!

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Hannah is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist specialising in recruitment, selection and assessment. This means she designs and assesses at selection days just like the ones airlines use.

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