Cabin Crew on the ground and at home? A few things to be thankful for…

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The life of a cabin crew member is usually fast-paced with very little time to do the things you like – but many of us are on the ground and at home at the moment.

Airplanes are grounded while the world continues to battle the ongoing pandemic, and you might be getting up each morning wondering what you should be doing with your day.

Career wise, many of you may be in an unfortunate position where you have been furloughed. While this is obviously an unexpected shock, we want to try to put a positive spin on the current situation.

Remember just how rewarding having spare time on your hands can be, and how thankful we should be that we still have our loved ones, free time and our health.

Below are a few things to keep you busy and thankful while on the ground and at home:


Check in with loved ones

While you won’t be checking in with passengers about their flight for some time, you now have a prime opportunity to speak with your family and friends more. Under the circumstances you can’t go and see them physically, but you can take time out of your day to call your loved ones and catch up with them.

Be thankful that you now have free time to connect with those you care about – many of us have concerns about more vulnerable family members too, so right now is the time to strike up a conversation with them in a safe and responsible way.

Do that thing you’ve been meaning to do for months

We all have those chores or projects that are constantly being put off for weeks or months because we don’t feel that we have the time or energy to get around to completing them. Well, now is the time!

Whether it’s a DIY project you’ve always wanted to do, like making your own garden furniture, or chores that will benefit you (like sorting out your wardrobe) you don’t really have an excuse not to do it now, do you?!

Pick up a new skill

Whether it’s career related or just a personal skill, having more free time to yourself is an opportunity to develop – something important and valuable to you.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to study a course on leadership to benefit your career, or you’ve been interested in creative projects like knitting or sewing for years; there’s no better time to try it than now! And who knows, by the time we get out of lockdown, you could be an expert…

Work on your career pitch

Before coronavirus swept across the world, you might have been moving towards a new career, and began your search for a new cabin crew job. While your career might be on hold, looking for another job certainly isn’t.

Take this time to refresh your CV and cover letter for your dream career and upload it to jobs sites like Aviation Job Search – many airlines won’t be posting job adverts at the moment, but they are stockpiling CVs, so uploading your CV means you could still be found for a new job once they are ready to resume normal hiring operations.

Help those in need

When we say help those in need, our first thought is that of helping our friends and family, as well as our neighbours who are more vulnerable. But there are other ways you can help too.

In the UK specifically, the NHS are the frontline of the battle against coronavirus, and they are desperate for volunteers to help in any way necessary.

If you’re the type of person who can’t just sit at home all day, there are countless opportunities to support the NHS, like driving prescriptions to vulnerable people, transporting equipment between hospitals and much more – and they really need all of the help they can get to fight back against COVID-19.

Everyone is so grateful for the work the NHS and other health services across the world are doing right now, and we have the opportunity lend a hand where we can.

Spend time with your family

While it’s important to check in with loved ones who are at a distance, you might now have the gift of free time to spend with your own family at home.

Having a busy career in the sky, many of us take for granted the time that flies by where we don’t get to spend it with our children or spouse. Treasure the time you have at home and reconnect with those you care deeply about. And most important of all, stay safe and healthy.

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