First hand review of our 2 Day Cabin Crew Course

Hi, I am Charlotte.

I work as an email support administrator with Cabin Crew Wings.

I used to be cabin crew for Virgin Atlantic in my 20s; and have the fondest memories of this time. The majority of my working life has been spent in customer experience roles in companies with incredible reputations.

I attended and assisted at the “Get a Cabin Crew Job” two day training event in Bournemouth in April 2018. I wanted to get an insight into what is covered in the two days, to be better equipped to answer emails on the subject. I was blown away by this course!

How the trainers (in this case Andy) could cram in so much content whilst keeping it interesting and fun in just two days was beyond me.

The course is so well designed, and the information and skills the students receive seemed invaluable!

They made firm friendships, and were a fabulous support to each other during the course; I feel confident they will remain friends and follow each other’s journey to the skies via our Facebook group!


Day One

Day one was very hands on.

The students learned how to do a safety demonstration, and about some of the safety equipment on board, they covered how to save a life on board an aircraft using the defibrillator. They explored emergency procedures, and had a very noisy go at evacuating an aircraft. It was action packed, and everyone seemed to really enjoy this style of learning, and the taster for the kinds of things that could happen on board.

Cabin Crew Wings 2 day Course - montage

I feel like I am crew already now!

In fact the course gave such an honest interpretation of this as a career that we had one lovely lady in our group make the very tough decision that she wasn’t going to pursue it as a career after all, or at least not for now. She came to the realization of how big a responsibility it is to be a crew member, and decided she’d rather gain more life experience and maturity before she would feel confident to fulfil such a role. To me this is a success story in itself, if she’d applied to an airline without doing our course, and had been successful at interview and commenced the airlines training program only to decide then that it wasn’t right for her, she would have wasted a lot of her time, money and energy, and that of the airline. This course definitely gives a very real taster of what to expect!

Day Two

Day two had a huge amount of content. Pens at the ready!

Everyone received really clever tips and tricks for their CVs, to get them spot on and airline ready!

The group covered typical interview questions, and what to expect. Then we moved on to lots of examples of Assessment day roles plays and scenarios, helping them prepare for their big day when it came. I know the notes they were taking down will give them a huge advantage over their competition, and that the airlines will be impressed by their preparation and commitment to being successful candidates.

I think by having had the opportunity to practice, and think up examples of when they have had certain experiences will make them ooze the confidence that they’ll need to be put through during the Assessments. We also discussed what they should wear, and how they should present themselves, and a lot of them dressed the part for day two to get our feedback.

Cabin Crew Wings Course - April delegates

This particular group of students had a fantastic attitude to learning, they were excited to develop their skills and were open and honest in discussions which provided an incredible environment for learning and some fascinating topics came up!

They were delighted to receive a certificate at the end of the course, which they can take with them to future interview.

I can’t wait to hear from each of them; when they are applying, attending interviews and starting to fly. I and will look out them on board my future flights!

Do you want to get the advantage over your competition by attending our course?

Make sure you are selected by attending a Cabin Crew Course. In two days you will learn what it takes to be Cabin Crew, how to excel as a candidate and how to show you are exactly what they are looking for. Click here to find out how you can join us.

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Charlotte is excited to help others who are keen to fulfil their ambition, and see the world from the skies! She has high level Customer Service skills and will look forward to assisting you via email.

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