Christmas Gifts for Cabin Crew

Need some inspiration for gift ideas for Christmas gifts for Cabin Crew friends and colleagues, or for the special crew member in your life?

It’s December already – how did that happen? Maybe you’ve started your Christmas shopping already or maybe even the thought of it is enough to bring you out in a cold sweat – but fear not we’re here to help!

Whether you’re looking for stocking fillers, Secret-Santa gifts or something extra-special we’ve got your Christmas gifts for Cabin Crew covered with the Cabin Crew Wings Christmas Gift Guide 2019!

1. Aeroplane Corkscrew

Handy for opening that Christmas tipple, this chic Aeroplane Corkscrew is a great stocking filler or gift for a fellow crew-member.

At £24.99 this is a quality product that’s made to last, and opens their favourite bottle of wine in a novel way by rotating the propeller of the plane!

Available on




2. Custom Pins

Custom pins are an excellent souvenir gift not to be missed. Whether they are worn for daily activities or customized for Christmas, they will be very popular with flight attendants.

No minimum quantity, free shipping, free art.

Available at


3. Airport Infinity Scarf

Cabin Crew Wings Gift GuideThis silky and elegant Airport Design Infinity Scarf by ionnass has a simple and timeless design, and can be worn in a variety of ways – perfect for whether they’re on or off duty!

On sale for only £10.27 this great-value scarf is available in a variety of alternative designs and colours – there really is something for everything in store. And after all, you can never have too many scarves!

Available at



4. Mini Travel Projector

Cabin Crew Wings Christmas Gift GuideBuying for someone who’s a bit of a Netflix addict? This perfectly portable mini travel projector is perfect!

Load up an SD card or connect it to a laptop or hard-drive and enjoy a cinema experience from the comfort of, well, just about anywhere! Perfect for the crew-member who enjoys a bit of a binge watch on layovers.

Find it at


5. Travel Jewellery Case

Cabin Crew Wings Christmas Gift GuideThere’s nothing worse than getting a delicate bracelet or necklace in a tangle when travelling – why not avoid the issue by gifting this gorgeous travel jewellery case?

It has a personalisation option, various sections for jewellery and is available in a selection of beautiful pastel shades.

On sale at for £28.00




6. Socks!

Cabin Crew Wings Christmas Gift GuideOk hear us out – we know that socks are one of those gifts people dread getting for Christmas!

These are socks with a difference however, The Aeroplane Gift Box by seriouslysillysocks contains 4 pairs of soft bamboo organic crew socks for your male cabin crew friend or partner, with a quirky aeroplane design in four colours – supplied in an attractive and reusable gift box!

This selection sells for £22.99 and there’s a HUGE range of other designs (for men or women) to choose from.


7. Travel Journal

Cabin Crew Wings Christmas Gift GuideSo many Cabin Crew love to write, and a Travel Journal is the perfect way to record travel observations and memories, especially in one of these gorgeous options from Airportag.

Available in a wide range of airport themed designs, they’re priced at £27.95 and made to last. You can also get a discount on this or any other product on the site if you’re currently a member of cabin crew.




8. Vintage Travel Poster

Cabin Crew Wings Christmas Gift GuideBeing Cabin Crew goes hand in hand with a love of travel, so why not give a gift of a vintage travel poster?

There are so many out there to choose from, but we love these simple and minimalist designs from Katinka Reinke. You can get your hands on them at, priced from £12.00.





9. Crew Clothing

Cabin Crew Wings Christmas Gift GuideThere’s a great selection of crew themed apparel out there, – we love this cosy hoodie from Zazzle.

Available for both men and women, in a variety of colours, it’s priced at £41.05 – and there’s a host of other designs available on the site. We love the “Jet Lag is for Amateurs’ one though – and you can also put ot on anything from mugs to baseball caps to ceramic decorations!




10. A Hug in a Box!

Cabin Crew Wings Christmas Gift GuideA thoughtful and personalised box of goodies like this one from Life is Lovely Gifts could be just what the doctor ordered for a tired and stressed crew-member!

The boxes are completely customisable but we love the contents of this one, the Self Care Christmas Gift Box, which includes a soothing eye-pillow, relaxing stress-relief balm and an uplifting vanilla candle, amongst other great items!

Available on


11. Gift Voucher

Christmas Gift CardsYou absolutely can’t go wrong with a voucher – gift cards for shops, downloading music and films, experiences and days out, or even a pre-pay currency card – they’re all pretty much guaranteed to be appreciated!

Or what about a Cabin Crew Wings gift card? These can be made to an amount of your choice, and redeemed against any of our courses or products.

Happy Shopping!

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