“Help! Can I be Cabin Crew if…?!”

Top Cabin Crew Myths Debunked!

What could stop someone from applying as crew is a question we get asked a lot at Cabin Crew Wings. There’s so much information (and misinformation!) out there it can be difficult to know what’s wrong and what’s right!

We’ve found that there are four main reasons why most people think they can’t apply – and we’re going to debunk the myths behind these ideas!


So many people write to us thinking that they’re too old to apply to be Cabin Crew! But this really isn’t the case!

You have to be a minimum of 18 to apply to the majority of airlines, and 21 for some (like Emirates or Qatar for example). However there is NO upper age limit – as long as you are fit and healthy enough for work, and fulfil the other airline requirements, you’re absolutely fine to apply.

We’ve had many successful graduates of our Cabin Crew 2 Day Course in their 30s, 40s and even 50s go on to have successful careers in the sky!

Many airlines value the life and work experience, and the maturity and responsibility that slightly older applicants have.


You don’t have to be supermodel thin to be Cabin Crew! There isn’t a strict weight limit for crew – all that most airlines ask for is that you are able to pass through the aisles of the plane easily, and to strap yourself in to the Jumpseat comfortably (and with no modifications needed to the seatbelt).

Some airlines specify on their cabin crew requirements that a crew member’s weight should be ‘in proportion to their height’ but again – this doesn’t mean that you have to be incredibly slim, healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes.

It’s the overall look that’s important – that you’re neat and professional, and well groomed, and adhere to all the uniform and personal grooming regulations of your chosen airline. How you hold yourself, your posture and mannerisms, are also important.

Oh and don’t forget the trademark cabin crew smile! Which leads us on to…


So many people get in touch worrying about their teeth not meeting the standards of the perfect ‘Hollywood’ smile they’ve came to associate with Cabin Crew.

However your teeth don’t need to be 100% symmetrical or perfect – this is another myth.

As long as you have good dental health, your teeth are nice and clean, and your smile is aesthetically pleasing, this is all that matters.

Natural gaps are often fine, as are missing teeth if they’re not visible when you smile. If you have braces this isn’t a problem for many airlines, again as long as the rest of your dental health is good.

Middle east airlines have a slightly stricter policy, but in general as long as the braces are removable, or due to be removed before you would be due to begin working as crew, then they will let you continue in the assessment process.


You don’t need to have formal qualifications (or previous experience!) to apply to be Cabin Crew.

Most airlines will state on the job description that they expect you to have been educated to GCSE level or equivalent. However your work and life experience, and your characteristics and personality are equally as important.

You will need to have a good enough level of maths and english skills to pass the Cabin Crew psychometric tests, and if you are a non-native English language speaker you will often have to complete spoken and written english tests to prove that you have a good level of fluency.

Many people email us asking if they need a degree in a relates subject, like Travel and Tourism. The answer is no – if you don’t have it takes to be a good member of crew then having the qualification won’t make a difference.

A practical, hands-on cabin crew course is different however – where you’re actually getting knowledge and experience directly related to the role, and taught by existing or ex-crew.

Are you interested in becoming Cabin Crew? Have you heard about our 2 Day ‘Get a Cabin Crew Job’ Course?! Find out more, and see what some of our successful course graduates are up to here!
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