Cathay Pacific Cabin Crew Recruitment Process 2023

Want to work for Cathay Pacific but not sure how to?

Our guide will take you through the process step-by-step.

Make the most of every journey.

Fancy being Cabin Crew for a world-class airline travelling to far-flung destinations? Reading this simple guide will help you find out how to land the job of your dreams with Hong Kong’s flag carrying airline.

Handwriting CV

Before you start

Ensure you have a digital copy of your CV to hand, as well as any certification you may have attained. It’s also a good idea to have a Cabin Crew cover letter saved that you can adapt to whichever airline you are applying for.

It’s important that you’ve checked that your CV is tailored to a position with Cathay Pacific. Research which skills and qualifications they particularly value and highlight these on your CV.

Step 1 –The Application Form

You will be asked to fill out your basic personal details and contact information. You’ll also be required to confirm your level of experience at this point.

Next you will be asked to upload your CV and a cover letter, as well as any supporting certification.

There is another section for additional personal details, including questions about your qualifications and languages.

It’s worth noting that in order to apply for a Cabin Crew role with Cathay Pacific you cannot have participated in any of their recruitment activities within the last 6 months.

You’ll receive email confirmation that your application has been submitted.

Step 2 – The Digital Interview

Video interviews are becoming more common in the airline recruitment process. The airline will provide you with full instructions and you’ll be able to familiarise yourself with the software before you start. As with a face-to-face interview, preparation is key to success.

Expect questions about your employment history, previous customer service experience and basic knowledge relevant to the airline.

Cathay Pacific places importance on presentation so pay attention to your appearance. Male and female Cabin Crew are expected to be well-groomed at all times – first impressions matter.

Step 3 – The Assessment Day

Should you pass the initial stages of the recruitment process you will be invited to attend an Assessment Day.

Your language skills will be assessed – you are required to demonstrate your ability to speak one of the required Asian languages (Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Tagalog or Korean).

There will likely be a variety of group activities featuring scenario-based role play and problem-solving exercises. The airline will be assessing your communication skills and how well you work within a team.

It’s essential to be friendly and courteous, and humble amongst your peers. Cathay Pacific prides itself on only employing outstanding Cabin Crew who can offer polite, professional service at all times.

Step 4 – Final Interview

The final interview is your last chance to demonstrate your suitability for a Cabin Crew position. Focus on what you can bring to the role.

As with the video interview, ensure that you present yourself well. You should be elegantly turned out with a smile on your face. It’s normal to feel nervous about this stage, but preparation will really help you to overcome these. Our eBook is packed with useful tips and advice on how to ace the interview stage.

Showcase your previous employment experience by being prepared to give real-life examples of when you provided excellent customer service. Stand out from the crowd by being specific about your career accomplishments.

It’s also good to prove that you’ve done research on both Cathay Pacific and the airline industry in general. Make sure you reference what you learned when answering questions.

Final Checks

You’ll need to undergo some medical checks including an arm reach exercise (208cm is the current requirement).

Criminal records checks will be carried out and you’ll have to complete a Police Act Disclosure Application.

Once approved, successful candidates will go through Cathay Pacific’s signature onboarding process.


Ready to fly?

Head over to the Cabin Crew Wings Jobs Board to search for vacancies and apply!

Best of luck!

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