Cabin Crew Male Grooming

There are thousands of articles and videos out there for female crew on how to look their best as cabin crew – but not so many for the guys!

Don’t worry though, we’re on hand to help you out with our guide to grooming for the male members of the cabin crew team.


Your hair should always be neatly trimmed and worn in a simple style. Try to avoid too much visible gel or styling product.

There are variations in the rulings for length but in general at least ¼ inch on top is preferred. But not too long – your hair shouldn’t touch your collar.

As long as your hair is neat and conservative it will be fine for the assessment day or interview. Any issues will then be pointed out to you during your training.

It’s safest to stick to your natural colour, although a natural looking all over tint is acceptable (as long as it’s kept touched up).

Some airlines allow you to have highlights or lowlights, though these should be within a shade of your natural hair colour either way.

And don’t worry about being bald – plenty of male crew members are and as long as you’re well-groomed and professional there’s nothing to worry about!


Facial Hair

It’s best to be clean shaven – the majority of airlines prefer this look. Sideburns should ideally be no lower than the middle of your ears.

Some airlines do allow facial hair, such as a neatly trimmed goatee or moustache.

Recently there have been some airlines allowing their male crew members to sport beards.

Not of the bushy hipster variety though – again think neat and close cropped.

A note though – you’ll be expected to cultivate your beard in your own ‘off’ time – stubble whilst on the job is a big no-no.

Keep your eyebrows neatly trimmed and brushed – it’s getting more common for men to have eyebrow waxes too to tidy things up a little, and to get rid of the dreaded ‘unibrow’!



Male cabin crew are generally not allowed to wear make up or concealing products – however we’ve heard that there are some occasions where this rule is bent a little as long as it’s a tiny bit (for example to hide a spot or blemish) and it is very carefully applied.

An important area often overlooked is keeping your skin moisturised. The atmosphere in the cabin and pressurised air can be extremely dehydrating, and cause dryness.

Invest in a good quality moisturiser and drink plenty of water, your skin will thank you for it!


Nails and Hands

Nails should be short and neat – definitely no longer than the end of your finger.

And keep them clean! This is extremely important.

It might be worth in a manicure – this isn’t just for the girls! Having your nails professionally buffed and tidied up can make a big difference.

The same problems with dry skin applies to your hands too so keep them moisturised to prevent chapping and dry or flaky skin.


Other bits!

As far as jewellery and accessories are concerned cabin crew of both sexes are generally only permitted to wear a wedding ring and a conservative watch at most.

No visible piercings or tattoos are allowed for male members of crew.

Glasses are usually permitted, as long as the frame design is simple and has clear lenses. However some airlines may prefer you to wear contact lenses if possible.

Don’t overdo the aftershave – too much can be a bad thing!

Keep your teeth clean and flossed and don’t forget the most important thing for cabin crew – that big welcoming smile for the passengers!

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