Giving Excellent Customer Service

What does it look like for Cabin Crew?

Have you ever worked in a customer focused role? Can you identify individual needs and deliver excellence service to your customers? You may already have the core qualities for having a successful career as cabin crew.

Airline are looking for people with a ‘can do attitude’ and who can deliver excellent customer services. To be able to achieve excellent professional customer service is a benefit for everyone. The rewards for going the extra mile are job and customer satisfaction. This satisfaction translates into loyal customers who choose your service time and time again!

To know you have the attitude to succeed as Cabin Crew, ask yourself the question..

What makes a good flight for you?

For most regular flyers it is the service and the ‘face’ of the airline, for which the cabin crew is so important. The in-flight movie or perhaps good food may have some influence, but most people want the whole flight to be smooth, with effective communication, polite and pleasantly disposed crew and plenty of leg room! Crew are employed as ambassadors to the airline, they represent the airline’s values, its goals and uphold its missions. Going the extra mile to cater for individual needs makes everyone feel valued.

If you are unsure whether you have the ‘extra mile attitude’ try and imagine that you are cabin crew on a long flight. A female travelling alone has just left her grown up son in Australia and will not be seeing him again for at least another year. She is emotional and travelling alone. What do you think you could you do to make her journey a little easier? There are obviously a lot of options, from taking time to ensure she is comfortable, reminding her how she can get your attention when she needs and reassuring her that you will make her journey home as positive as possible. Do you genuinely enjoying supporting others and helping others comes naturally to you? We have a few suggestions for Customer Excellence below which will help you to identify where your strengths lie and highlight some of the important characteristics that airlines often look for when recruiting outstanding cabin crew.

  • Are you a good communicator? Effective, clear and to the point communication is crucial for effective, productive team work.
  • Are you resilient? Flying can sometimes be long, unsociable hours, working in tight confined spaces, it can involve, jet lag, delays and sometimes emotional challenges to name but a few of the challenges! As crew you need to be resilient, physically fit and well rested.
  • Are you motivated? If you are working within a team that are highly motivated throughout a flight, passengers will pick up on this, making their journey a far more enjoyable experience. Are you able to think for yourself and sort out problems?
  • Are you responsible? You have a legal responsibility to take control of your actions and put good work ethics into practice on a daily basis. There are many rules and regulations in the aviation industry and adhering to them are crucial as you will be constantly tested on your knowledge and understanding before every flight!
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Hannah is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist specialising in recruitment, selection and assessment. This means she designs and assesses at selection days just like the ones airlines use.

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