Your First Day in the Sky as Cabin Crew

It’s the moment you’ve been dreaming of – you’ve successfully got your wings, passed your Cabin Crew training and are about to take your first ever flight working as crew!

However, even though your recruitment and training journey might be at an end, you still have a LOT to learn in those first months as crew – and nothing can really prepare you for it apart from hands-on experience.

It’s natural to be apprehensive, excited, even a little terrified before those first passengers come on board…after all this is what you’ve been preparing for all this time.

We asked current crew what was going through their minds on that very first flight…

It was all a bit of a blur to be honest! Because I fly short-haul and there’s a very tight turnaround time I didn’t have much time to think or be too nervous, I just kind of went into automatic mode. It wasn’t until a few flights in that I started to relax a bit more, I think I was just so focused on trying to do everything perfectly!”

Sarah, Ryanair Crew

“I remember my first flight was fairly early, with a departure time of just before 8am, and I was so nervous and worried in case I didn’t hear my alarm that I hardly slept…the flight itself was fine, I got a bit mixed up with technical terms a couple of times, but the crew I was working with were really nice, and helped explain things to me which made things so much easier!”

Lauren, BA Crew

“Oh I was so nervous!! I remember feeling really sick, I was so scared in case I did something wrong or made a fool of myself. I barely took in the pre-flight briefing! Once we’d taken off and started the drinks service I started to get into the swing of it more, and really enjoyed the flight in the end. I think it’s totally normal to feel like that on your first flight though.”

Emma, BA Crew

“There was so much turbulence on the first flight I worked on, and because I wasn’t as used to it as the other crew I felt a bit unbalanced and stumbled a few times – I could see one or two of the passengers giving me worried looks! Now I hardly notice it. The rest of the flight went fine, I recall getting a few drinks orders mixed up but nothing too bad! I was relieved when it was over and much more relaxed for the return journey.”

Simon, Easyjet Crew

“I was a bit unlucky on my first flight and had a really difficult passenger in my section, they complained about the in-flight meal choices, the quality of the drinks, the inflight entertainment…pretty much all things I could do nothing about! I can take this in my stride after two years as crew but that day, when I was already anxious about doing a good job, I honestly felt like crying. The rest of the crew were brilliant though, and reassured me that I had handled the situation well.”

Laura, Ryanair Crew

Our own advice to you as new crew would be (hard as it might be!) to try not to worry – the crew you’ve been assigned to work with will be aware that you’re new and will do their best to help you.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions either, or to admit that you’ve forgotten something. With so much flying through your head this is perfectly normal!

How was your first flight working as crew?

Do you have any advice? Comment below!


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