Are More Doors Opening for Older Cabin Crew?

easyJet's groundbreaking older cabin crew recruitment drive

Are more doors opening for older cabin crew?

One of our top FAQs here at Cabin Crew Wings is “am I too old to become cabin crew?”, to which we always answer – absolutely not! There’s no official upper age limit in cabin crew requirements.

However, easyJet has launched a groundbreaking cabin crew recruitment drive calling for people over the age of 45 to join its crew.

The airline also reported a 27% increase in crew aged 45 plus in the last four years, with a 30% increase in those over 60 in 2022.

easyJet’s New Campaign for Older Cabin Crew

The budget airline’s new campaign is aimed at “empty nesters”. In other words, parents whose children have left home for work or further education. They’re looking for applicants looking for a new career challenge later in life.

Research carried out by easyJet prior to launching the campaign found that 78% of adults over 45 said they’d welcome a new challenge after their children had left home.

Cabin Crew Staffing Challenges

It’s no secret that the aviation industry has experienced huge problems recruiting staff post-pandemic. The media has been full of reports of flight delays, cancellations, and more.

easyJet chief executive, Johan Lundgren, criticised the government’s refusal to grant more visas for EU cabin crew and ground staff, saying this had greatly added to staffing issues, as EU citizens lost the automatic right to work in the UK after Brexit.

Michael O’Leary, CEO of budget-friendly rival firm Ryanair, said the UK leaving the EU was a disaster, which had damaged recruitment, the free movement of labour, and ultimately the UK economy”.

It’s not only the Brexit effect that’s caused issues for recruitment however. There’s been a knock on effect from Covid-19, including an increased number of people on long-term sickness, and crew made redundant during the pandemic choosing not to return, and to pursue other career paths.

The Benefits of Employing Older Candidates

easyJet are in many ways making a sensible move – there are numerous benefits to hiring older cabin crew.

Research shows older employees are reliable, likely to show up to work on time, and less likely to call in sick. They’re also statistically more likely to stay at a company for a longer period, and not switch jobs.

Older employees also shine when it comes to maturity, professionalism and a positive work ethic. Age brings confidence, and the confidence exhibited by older workers can have a positive effect on younger employees. This is a win-win situation – when a team is confident in what they do, things run more effectively!

From a commercial point of view, having a diverse, inclusive workforce also reflects very positively on an airline’s brand.

Applying to an Airline as Older Crew

Whether you’re applying to easyJet, British Airways or Emirates as an older applicant, the Cabin Crew Wings team are here to help!

Check out our extensive range of cabin crew recruitment guides, and our best selling resources and courses. And of course, if there’s anything you need help with, our friendly team is on hand to assist!

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