EasyJet tempts Cabin Crew with £1,000 bonus

easyJet offers £1,000 bonus to Cabin Crew

EasyJet have become the second airline after British Airways to offer a £1,000 bonus to Cabin Crew.

The aim is to retain staff to limit disruption over the busy summer holiday travel season. The bonus will be available to new and existing Cabin Crew providing they don’t quit their jobs over the summer. EasyJet plan to make the payouts in October as a reward for loyal service.

EasyJet’s deal is a little bit sweeter than over at British Airways. At BA, only new Cabin Crew were offered the ‘golden handshake’. Whereas Cabin Crew already working for easyJet will also benefit from the bonus.

The airline has undertaken a huge recruitment drive for Cabin Crew. Recently easyJet increased their hiring target to 1,700, up from 1,500. Great news for jobseekers! You can find all current easyJet vacancies on our Cabin Crew Wings Jobs Board.

Many airlines are struggling with staffing levels post-pandemic. High numbers of Cabin Crew were laid off when the pandemic hit. The recent surge in demand for flights has meant airlines are scrambling to recruit enough Cabin Crew to ensure a smooth operation.

Just last week easyJet announced plans to remove seats on its aircraft and therefore reduce the number of Cabin Crew required per flight.

EasyJet are hoping that the promise of a bonus will lure Cabin Crew to apply, and then stay, in the role.

A spokesperson for the airline announced easyJet ‘will be paying its cabin crew a recognition payment at the end of the summer season to recognise their contribution to the operation this summer, which is expected to be back at near 2019 levels for the first time since the pandemic.’

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