Emirates receives 300,000 Cabin Crew applications

Did you apply to be Emirates Cabin Crew?

Emirates has received over 300,000 Cabin Crew applications after launching a huge recruitment drive.

The airline is hoping to resume normal operations and capacity next year.

Major recruitment drive

Opening recruitment for only the second time post-pandemic, demand for Emirates Cabin Crew jobs has soared.

The Dubai-based airline is expecting to hire 6,000 Cabin Crew from now until the end of March next year. Other roles such as pilots, engineers and ground staff will also be recruited.

Emirates now already has a huge pool of candidates to select the best from. More than 300,000 applications have been received for the Cabin Crew role alone.

High standards

Since announcing the airline was actively recruiting Cabin Crew, Emirates has been flooded with applications. The airline is renowned for imposing high standards on potential Cabin Crew. With such a high response rate, they can afford to be picky! A recruitment spokesperson said they are looking for:

“A personality that shines, the ability to adapt to any situation and make people feel at ease.”

Any Cabin Crew hopefuls would have to re-locate to Dubai if successfully landing a job.

You can find a full list of Emirates Cabin Crew requirements here, and we’ve also produced a full guide to the Emirates recruitment process from start to finish.


How to get an Emirates Cabin Crew job

With an average starting salary of £2,114 per month, Emirates is a popular choice for Cabin Crew applicants. Around 120 recruits currently receive training at the Emirates Aviation College weekly already.
So what can you do to stand out from the crowd?
Your application has to be spot on. Starting with your CV, to photographs, to your final interview technique, you must show yourself off at every opportunity.
Our online ‘get a Cabin Crew job’ course is a great all-rounder. It will teach you how to make the best of your current customer service experience, what to expect during the recruitment process and how to shine at interview. It provides tips on assessment and CVs and is packed full of useful knowledge to fly through the application stage.

Positive sign for the airline industry

Emirates ramping up their Cabin Crew recruitment is a positive sign for the whole travel industry.

Didn’t make it through the rigorous Emirates recruitment process this time? There will be other opportunities! Most airlines are moving towards a full recovery post-pandemic. Recruitment across all airlines has been improving, and the climbing trend in Cabin Crew recruitment is a hopeful one.

Don’t give up on your dream! A Cabin Crew career is 100% worth the hard work!

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