Emirates to host Cabin Crew recruitment event in the UK

Find out when Emirates will hold their Cabin Crew recruitment event

Emirates is holding a Cabin Crew recruitment event next week in the UK! Read on to find out all the details.

It’s exciting news for anyone aspiring to work for one of the world’s largest airlines. And the Emirates recruitment process is notoriously difficult.

When and where is the assessment day?

Emirates will host an open day at the Maldron hotel in Newcastle on Friday 30 September 2022.

While walk-ins are accepted, it’s advisable to pre-register. Emirates is a hugely desirable airline to work for as Cabin Crew and therefore you’ll be up against a lot of competition.

Applicants who are successful at the assessment event will go on to receive training at Emirates’ main base in Dubai.

The airline currently operates five flights a week between Dubai and Newcastle International Airport, with global connections possible.

Anyone applying from the UK could end up working on any of Emirates’ routes, so it’s a brilliant opportunity for anyone hoping to jet off on an international career.

What Emirates look for in Cabin Crew

In a nutshell, Emirates are looking for those who are passionate about providing excellent customer service and personalised attention to detail. The perfect candidate would demonstrate both leadership and teamwork qualities and feel comfortable ensuring top-notch security and safety procedures are followed.

Full training is provided for successful Emirates applicants in Dubai, so a willingness to re-locate is a must!

You can find a full list of Emirates Cabin Crew requirements in our easy-to-read guide here.

Job perks include travel discounts for you and loved ones, tax-free wages, free accommodation and transport, medical insurance and some excellent retail and leisure concessions in Dubai.

What to bring

Anyone attending the Emirates Cabin Crew recruitment day should take along an up-to-date CV and a recent photograph.

Make sure that your CV is tailored to a Cabin Crew role with Emirates. So many Cabin Crew applicants fail because their CV isn’t good enough. Our team of experts can review your CV and highlight any problems. Don’t fail at the first hurdle!

Not sure what photograph to bring? We’ve got all the info you need about Cabin Crew photos.

What to do now

This Emirates Cabin Crew recruitment day could be the gateway to the career of your dreams, so don’t mess up the opportunity by failing to prepare!

Winging it and hoping for the best just won’t cut it. Emirates has a huge pool of candidates to choose from, so they will only select the very best.

To improve your chances of landing a job, you can enroll on our online ‘Get a Cabin Crew job’ course. It’s designed exclusively to prepare you for the competitive recruitment process and is packed full of advice on every stage of recruitment.

Alternatively, you could purchase our Assessment Day eBook, written specifically about what to expect and how to be successful at a Cabin Crew Assessment Day event.

For more details about the event and working for Emirates, you can visit their website.

Too late to apply for Emirates? Check out other current Cabin Crew recruitment opportunities on our Jobs Board.

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