Eurowings Cabin Crew Recruitment Process 2022

Interested in becoming Cabin Crew for Eurowings? Our guide is here to help!

A subsidiary of Lufthansa, Eurowings is a low-cost German airline flying to over 130 destinations.

Interested in working as Cabin Crew for Eurowings? Read our guide to the Eurowings Cabin Crew Recruitment Process to find out how!

Before you apply

You’ll need to have a copy of your current Cabin Crew CV – make sure it’s up-to-date.

More airlines now use special software to automatically scan your CV for certain criteria. Click here to check that your CV matches the Eurowings Cabin Crew requirements.

Step 1 –The Application Form

Check our Cabin Crew Jobs Board or the careers section of the Eurowings website to access the position that you want to apply for.

Read the Eurowings job description carefully – this lists all of the qualifications and requirements that the airline is looking for.

You’ll be required to register with the Eurowings jobs portal, and will be asked to fill out your personal details.

Step 2 – The Assessment Day

If your application passes the initial screening you’ll receive an email inviting you to the next stage of recruitment– the Assessment Day.

Due to the volume of applications the airline receives this may take a little time to be sent, so don’t panic if it seems to be taking a while!

The Eurowings Cabin Crew Assessment Day is essentially a group interview. You might feel a bit anxious, especially if this is your first time attending an event like this.

You can help give yourself the best chance at success by checking out our Cabin Crew Assessment Day eBook, which is bursting with information to help you shine on your Assessment Day. Also check out our article on virtual recruitment events which have become more popular since the pandemic.

You’ll be informed of the date, time and location, and the day can last up to 8 hours.

Typically the assessment day will include:

  • Registration
  • A height and tattoo check
  • Talks by Eurowings staff and crew
  • Group exercises (usually these include a fun ‘icebreaker’ type exercise and a mixture of group discussions and problem solving tasks)
  • Interactive exercises, which could involve psychometric ability tests.

You’ll have the chance to chat to existing crew and ask any burning questions.

Some candidates may be ‘cut’ as the day progresses, and the successful remaining applicants will be asked for a one-to-one interview.  This might take place on the same day or if there are a lot of candidates they may allocate you a slot on another date.

If you don’t make it through to the interview stage, don’t lose heart. You’ve already achieved a lot making it to the Assessment Day!

Step 3 – The Interview

This interview will normally last around half an hour and will include questions to assess your suitability for the role. It gives you the chance to show the recruiters you are what they’re looking for.

Preparation is key!

This is your golden opportunity to showcase your skills and abilities to the recruiters.

Also, don’t forget to bring all the required documentation with you. This will be sent in an email prior to the event.

Following the interview your whole application and performance will be considered. At this stage in the recruitment process, airlines tend to get back to their applicants fairly quickly for an answer. You’ll not be waiting too long!

Final Checks

There are a few background checks that the airline needs to carry out before they can officially offer you employment.

The checks will include following up references, criminal record checks, your financial history and your previous five years of employment. Make sure you cover any gaps here.

You’ll also undergo a brief medical examination to ascertain you’re fit to fly.

If you pass all these checks you’ll be given a date to begin your pre-flight training! Off you go!


Feel like you’re a good fit to be Eurowings Cabin Crew? Check for vacancies here!

Best of luck!

Our Cabin Crew Course will give you a much better idea of what to expect during the tough application process for airlines – and show you how to stand out from your fellow candidates! Find out more here.
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