Flying High with Valuable friendship

The importance of relationships in the airline world

As part of a close knit team we can all imagine how much we rely upon our colleagues. Cabin Crew staff have additional team responsibility; they need to care about each other, the team’s health and welfare, so rest relaxation and fun times are very important. Bonding well with our team helps team resilience and confidence, which in turn helps provide a better flying experience for everyone. Here are a few first hand comments about the importance of being able to laugh and cry with your team.

Cabin Crew Friends

Cabin Crew staff can often be quite similar. If this is true the recruitment process has worked well, as typically this is what the airline are looking for! That is why it often feels easy to get on well with colleagues and become close friends, as similar life goals and choices are a good starting point for any working friendship to last.

Why is it especially important to build strong relationships at work?

Good communication is important in most jobs, and this one is no different. If this grows into friendship it really helps when you know you have someone you can rely on in difficult work situations or when personal life spills over into your day to day role. There is probably more socialising than with a 9-5 job, as when we are away from home you tend to stick together, and can even lead to all sorts of memorable adventures!

There will be times when a cabin crew friend will get you through a difficult time?

Whether it is on a long haul trip or just unexpectedly extended time away from home, (possibly spoiling plans) being upset away from home can be very hard. Having colleagues and friends understand, include you and make an effort can make an upset seem a lot less scary than handling it on your own. Team-work at work and play helps you feel supported, included and understood. Crew are generally very open and honest with each other because they tend to build strong relationships particularly when away from home and it becomes a natural process of sharing the good and bad times.

There is something very special about the relationships you form during a flying career

When you are spending extended days at work, spending worktime with only flying colleagues, this can truly make relationships unique and help to form a lifetime connection.

Lifelong or just work friendships

When you’ve experienced the same things at work, and had fun and adventures together, bonds do grow, and if you’re lucky they last even if you change airlines or even career.

What if someone can’t be bothered to make an effort?

Some people can be less sociable and friendly sometimes, for all sorts of reasons. But whilst on board the aircraft it helps to be able to ‘put on a brave face’, otherwise the knock on effect can impact upon the whole crew.

Finding common ground with new crew

Working within a team there are plenty of opportunities to discover shared interests, friends and ambitions. On long- haul flights this can be easier due to the hours spent together, and then when you land somewhere and end up going off on adventures like a safari, island hopping, a tour of the city etc!

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Hannah is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist specialising in recruitment, selection and assessment. This means she designs and assesses at selection days just like the ones airlines use.

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