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Dreaming of working as a member of cabin crew, but no idea what the job, or even the lifestyle entails?
Sounds like you need some advice.

Aviation Job Search logoBelow, Aviation Job Search has put together an exciting list of some of the cabin crew sites including blogs for you to enjoy in your spare time.

And if you can’t make your mind up about your career in the sky, we’re sure these sites will inspire you to update your cabin crew CV and start applying for jobs.


Life as a Butterfly

Website: lifeasabutterfly.com

Hayley Stainton is the creator of Lifeasabutterfly. She is also a UK-based Senior Lecturer in Tourism and Aviation, and a published author. Her blog combines her academic, travel and life experience to give a unique opinion of the tourism and aviation industries, aHayley also flew for a major British Airline and their subsidiary airline, on both long and short haul flights.

She’s worked in economy to first class, and flown around the world from Lagos to Tokyo – and she’s taught on cabin crew courses for a number of years.

The Layover Life

Website: thelayoverlife.com

This blog is written by Jess, a London based travel and lifestyle blogger constantly jetting off around the world, as she is also a flight attendant. Her blog provides 24-hour and 48-hour travel guides for those of you who would like to share her world of frequent layovers in countries across the globe.

Always spending short bursts of time away, she shares the best things to do, eat and see on quick stopovers and mini-breaks. The perfect blog to read if you’re looking forward to the lifestyle of cabin crew.

Confessions of a Trolley Dolly

Website: confessionsofatrolleydolly.com

A fresh take on the world of cabin crew, Dan Air brings the glamour back to flying one sector at a time. On his blog, you can read the latest cabin crew news, stories, and get a real inside look into the life of cabin crew. This blog is funny, unique and exciting, and definitely worth taking a look!

The Flight Attendant Life

Website: theflightattendantlife.com

This blog gives you a great insight into the thoughts and feelings of life as an aviation professional. It looks into what flight attendant life actually is and includes writers who all have a different level of experience flying with an airline. The creators say about the site: “‘Flight Attendant Life’ is a digital destination and aviation lifestyle brand that exposes a world unlike any other. Discover the thoughts, feelings, loneliness, goodness, unexpected, and wonderful— directly from the perspective of those gypsy, jet-setting professionals. ”

How to be Cabin Crew

Website: howtobecabincrew.com

This informational blog provides everything a budding cabin crew member could ever need. A young team of experienced cabin crew, trainers, recruiters, journalists, communication and marketing specialists form this blog, all passionate about travelling and providing beautiful stories about cabin crew. The team also consists of former flight attendants who have flown over 25,000 hours in the last 30 years – so there’ll be no shortage of wisdom for you to absorb!


Website: bohtong.org

Boh Tong worked as a cabin crew executive with Singapore Airlines for 35 years, before retiring in 2003. With plenty of advice to pass on to young, aspiring cabin crew, Boh spends his time blogging and helping others ace their cabin crew interviews. He is also the author of the book ‘Fasten Your Seat Belts’.

The Dubai Diaries

Life as a Butterfly

Website: thedubaidiaries.me

Rachel is a 25-year old English woman who lived in Austria for 6 years before moving to Dubai. She currently works as a member of cabin crew for Emirates. She loves travelling, exploring new places and trying new food – so if it’s a glimpse of the lifestyle you’re after, take a read!

Flying with a baby

Website: flyingwithababy.com

Carrie has over 12 years experience flying as a long-haul flight attendant and has visited over 600 countries. Her blog is designed to provide tips for travelling with a child through the baby, toddler and pre-schooler stages, and useful family tips. She also gives some really insightful advice that you might be able to use to your advantage when working as cabin crew.

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