Cultural Boundaries on Home and Away Flights

What cultural differences do I need to know?

Cultural Boundaries can be difficult. Can I shake their hand? Is my skirt too short? Do I, don’t I?

In this special blog post, Aviation Job Search talks about cultural boundaries and how to consider them during your time travelling or crewing with an airline.

Although flights are considered a place of mixed culture whereby in theory anything goes, there are still cultural differences during the flight that you need to be aware of.

This should be considered both when you step off the flight into particular countries, and on the flight itself.

This article will help you understand a few common questions that cabin crew members have about visiting other countries. The advice can also be used whilst exploring cities in your downtime, so you can enjoy being a care-free traveller too!

Dubai & the Middle-East

Foreign officials have stated that Brits are likely to be convicted in Dubai more than any other country. Yet Dubai still holds the place as one of the world’s most sought after countries for travellers. However it’s important to know how to follow the rules.

Things to think about when working in Dubai are:

You’ll meet a multitude of ethnicities and backgrounds. You will also be most likely to bump into a celebrity, influencer or star when working on these flights. “Wanna take a selfie?”

  • The layovers and huge airports give you time to shop for your loved ones.
  • You need never dread an airport toilet break again! These individual toilets are like individual bathrooms, complete with their own make-up mirrors and sinks.
  • Although you definitely should not drink off premises in an Islamic city, as the country becomes more liberal they have created the most amazing licensed areas for those who choose to drink, in the city skyscrapers.
  • Leave that kiss for behind doors, and avoid any hand holding!


South-East Asian Countries

  • A nod is a sign of acknowledgment, respect and acceptance. Nod back! It is highly infectious. Soon, you’ll find yourself nodding to your family and friends.
  • There will be less western fliers on these types of flights, which gives you a chance to really understand the culture of this side of the world. Most of these countries work at a slower pace than us, so you’ll get to know the calmer, more relaxing way of life on these flights.
  • South-Eastern countries will open you up to a fountain of religions, which you can learn about in your down-time. South Eastern manners are different, and they are more reserved than someone from a western culture. Many passengers on long haul will open up to tell stories – who knows what you could learn?
  • To be hygienic and show respect, it is good practise to take your shoes off in temples (as is the case in most temples across the globe).
  • Items are extremely cheap. But bear in mind that customs do not like pictures of Buddhas, because the pictures are holy symbols. Tourist shops may be quick to sell you these items, but will not tell you about customs banning these items if they struggle to communicate in fluent English.
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