When Things Don’t Go to Plan – How Cabin Crew Keep Calm in a Crisis

The ability to keep a cool head during an on-board emergency is an essential skill for Cabin Crew.

When things don’t go to plan, it’s down to Cabin Crew to keep calm in a crisis.

Think you’re a pro at keeping a cool head when your day suddenly goes completely astray? That’s definitely a sign you’re Cabin Crew – or else you should be!

While the Cabin Crew lifestyle can be exciting and glamorous, it’s important to remember how essential their real role is – to ensure passenger safety no matter what happens.

Belarus Hijacking

With recent news about a Ryanair flight being forcibly diverted to Belarus so that a passenger could be removed, it’s a reminder of how important it is for Cabin Crew to stay focused on the job at hand.

While a mid-air hijacking is thankfully a rare occurrence, there are other emergency situations that might come up during your Cabin Crew career.

Don’t Panic

If a crisis happens during a flight, Cabin Crew’s job is to reassure passengers and make sure that they follow the correct emergency procedures.

The most important thing for Cabin Crew is not to panic. Remembering your training and keeping calm can make all the difference – anxiety can spread easily on-board a plane.

Emergency Procedures

Ever feel like you’re not being listened to during the in-flight safety briefing? Cabin Crew can’t force people to watch, but if rowdy passengers are disrupting your safety demo then you’re well within your rights to intervene!

Cabin Crew receive extensive special training so they know how to handle any kind of emergency. From unplanned landings, to fire breaking out, to a sudden illness on-board, there are emergency procedures for everything!

There’s far more to being Cabin Crew than just serving drinks and stowing baggage safely. Required skills for Cabin Crew include fire-fighting, swimming and knowing how to evacuate a plane in a calm, controlled and an alert way.

Cabin Crew Skills

When international jet-setting is part of your job description, no two days are the same. This is why Cabin Crew have to be great at being adaptable and professional.

The ability to stay calm is key.

Cabin Crew are there to make sure passengers remain safe and happy during their flight. It’s why so many Cabin Crew have prior customer service experience. They know how to be friendly and efficient – and also how to deal with any unpleasant surprises that might arise.

Have You Got What it Takes?

Think you’ve got it sussed when it comes to staying cool, calm and collected? Keep an eye on our Cabin Crew Wings Jobs Board for the latest Cabin Crew recruitment opportunities, or enroll on one of our Online Cabin Crew Courses to make your Cabin Crew dreams a reality.
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