How Cabin Crew Training is Changing

What's changed within Cabin Crew training regimes?

Without a doubt, Cabin Crew training is changing. But does it differ by airline? And what will it mean for your career aspirations?

Landing the job

All new Cabin Crew recruits are required to undergo training with the airline that’s employed them. It’s the final hoop to jump through before you officially begin your Cabin Crew career. That’s if you pass the training!

What does Cabin Crew training usually involve?

Cabin Crew training traditionally revolves around the 3 S’s: safety, security and service.

Making sure passengers have a safe journey is the main concern of Cabin Crew and therefore the training primarily focuses on this. Training topics include:

  • Pre-flight safety drills
  • Emergency landing procedures
  • Use of safety equipment when landing in water
  • Process for cabin pressure loss
  • General firefighting
  • First Aid
  • Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation
  • Self-defence in certain scenarios
  • Handling dangerous goods and materials

You’ll also undergo a wet drill to demonstrate your swimming abilities and to learn survival techniques.

Take a look at our more in-depth guide to Cabin Crew training if you want more details on how airlines have carried out training up until now. Which brings us onto… 

What’s changing?

Cabin Crew also need to demonstrate excellent customer service and great communication skills. And these training areas might not have to be conducted in-person anymore…

Virtual Cabin Crew training

Emirates are one of the airlines pioneering Cabin Crew training within the ‘metaverse’.

But what even is the metaverse?

Basically, the metaverse is the internet – but in a virtual 3D format.

Dubai-based carrier Emirates wants to move away from in-person training in the traditional classroom setting. The airline’s COO Adel Ahmed Al Redha stated that Cabin Crew could begin their training in a virtual reality environment. It would allow them to carry out simulated real-life scenarios without putting pressure on existing training facilities.

In a bid to return to pre-pandemic staffing levels, Emirates is recruiting thousands of new Cabin Crew. All of whom need to be trained!

And it’s not the first time Emirates has made use of the metaverse. Earlier this year the airline created Sama, a virtual Cabin Crew member welcoming visitors to the Emirates website!

Do you think you’d smash the Cabin Crew training?

Well, you need to land the job first! And we’re here to help you do just that. Our online course teaches you absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know about the Cabin Crew application process, writing a great CV, completing online ability tests and acing the Assessment Day and interviews. Find out more about our Online Course by clicking here.

Practical training still required

Being Cabin Crew is a highly physical job, and it would be impossible to conduct the entire training course in a simulated environment.

Trainees for Emirates will still need to attend their training college in Dubai to be taught hands-on practices including medical emergency responses, ditching and aircraft evacuation.

Do you pay for your own training?

Most airlines fund Cabin Crew training. However, you might be expected to cover your own costs for things like transport, accommodation and food. Sometimes you’d be given an allowance which would be deducted from your salary over a set period after you begin your job.

Some airlines such as Jet2 do require prospective Cabin Crew to pay their own way for the training courses, which is approximately £700.

How long does traditional Cabin Crew training last?

Cabin Crew training usually lasts between four and eight weeks. You can expect to spend an extra few weeks if you’re doing a specialist training course such as learning to work in the First Class cabin.

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