Keeping Your Mental Health Grounded as Cabin Crew

Why it’s more important than ever to keep your mental health grounded as Cabin Crew.

Mental health issues have always affected Cabin Crew, but the impact of the pandemic has seen levels of depression and anxiety skyrocket.

The Struggle is Real

Cabin Crew deal with irregular sleeping and eating habits, long hours of physical work, language barriers and inconsistent schedules. Add to this the ongoing uncertainty over air travel and Cabin Crew jobs and it’s no wonder your mental health could use some TLC!

But with restrictions hopefully lifting in the not too distant future, it’s more important than ever as Cabin Crew to practise some self-care to ensure your mental health is in tip-top condition.

You Are Not Alone

If your mental health is suffering, remember you are not alone in feeling this way. Reach out to friends and family. A problem shared is a problem halved.

Working as Cabin Crew means you’re regularly away from loved ones, so virtual communication is already the norm. Pick up the phone or send that DM. A friendly message can do wonders.

There is professional support available as well. The Centre for Aviation Psychology is chock-a-block with resources specifically aimed at people within the airline industry.

Limit Screen Time

While social media is great for keeping in touch, it can also prompt feelings of inadequacy or FOMO so it’s best not to spend all day scrolling through your phone! We’ll be focusing on social media for Cabin Crew in our future newsletter so be sure to stay in the loop – you can subscribe here.

In the meantime, don’t obsess over the news. It can be full of misinformation and it’s unhelpful if you have mental health struggles already. It’s important to stay informed but there’s no point getting bogged down in doom and gloom rumours about air travel.

Being glued to a screen all day is bad for your mental health anyway. Think of positive ways to spend your time instead. Grab a smoothie and read a magazine. Go for a run and listen to your favourite tunes. Get some fresh air!

Physical Health

We already know how important it is to be physically fit and healthy as Cabin Crew. It’s a job that requires long hours on your feet and the ability to adapt to a pretty unique lifestyle!

But keeping active is just as important for your mental health. Exercise releases endorphins and elevates your mood. Even if you don’t feel like it, a quick burst of exercise can lift your spirits – as well as keeping you fit and ready to go back to work!

Be Proactive

While your career may have been grounded, staying proactive will not only help you feel better, but also make sure you’re first in line when airlines begin recruiting Cabin Crew again.

Check your CV and cover letter are updated so that you’ll be raring to go as soon as job opportunities come up. Our team of experts can go through your CV to make sure it’s the best it can be. Although not all airline applications will require a CV or cover letter, they’re a great confidence boost to remind you of your valuable skills and experience!

If you’re currently Cabin Crew and not working, consider volunteering. Schemes like Project Wingman can match you with local opportunities to utilise your Cabin Crew background to help out NHS workers. It’ll boost your mood helping others as well as keeping your skills polished!

For extra peace of mind, sign up to our job alert text service to stay in the know about which roles are currently available. No need to remember to check the Jobs Board; our handy texts will deliver the newest Cabin Crew job opportunities straight to you without you lifting a finger.
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