Moving for a Cabin Crew Job – The Pros and Cons

Would you consider moving for a Cabin Crew job?

Depending on where you live there’s a chance that you might be limited in choice when it comes to Cabin Crew job openings, especially if the airline you’re applying to stipulated you must live within a certain radius for those times when you’re ‘on call’.

This is why many applicants consider a move on being offered a Cabin Crew role –to be close to a base for an airline they’ve always dreamt of working for.

But what are the pros and cons of relocating for a Cabin Crew job? We’ve laid the main ones out below!

The Advantages

  • If you move next to a large airport used as a hub by many airlines, your future employment options are widened. If things don’t work out with your initial choice of airline, there are other options for you to consider without you having to relocate again.
  • It’s a fresh, exciting start! It can be stifling growing up and living in the same place, especially if you come from a small town. Moving and starting a new life along with your new job could be a great opportunity for you to meet new people, and experience new things.
  • You’re proving your commitment to the career, which shows determination and passion for the job.

The Disadvantages

  • You might be miss being away from home, although this may only be temporary while you settle in! But the Cabin Crew job can be a lonely one at the best of times, with you being away from family and friends for a large part of your time. You should really consider if this is something you feel you will be able to cope with when relocating for work.
  • You might discover the Cabin Crew career isn’t for you – this does happen, as sometimes people find that the dream and the reality don’t quite match up!
  • Finding your way around a new town or city can be stressful at first. It will take a while for you to find your feet and feel at home, but in the meantime you might find it frustrating not knowing where anything is, and quite possibly getting lost in the process of trying to find things!
There are other things to bear in mind when considering a move too – these aren’t exactly advantages or disadvantages, just common sense!
Don’t relocate before you have a firm job offer – by all means explore your options in the area but wait until the final checks are done, you’ve completed your training and your employment contract is signed and sealed before you take the plunge!


Take into consideration moving and living costs, and whether you’ll be able to afford them or they’ll leave you struggling. Aside from the costs of moving your belongings, there are ‘setting up’ charges with utilities, rent deposits, and the purchasing of all the little bits and bobs you’ll need for your new home to think about – especially if it’s your first time moving out on your own.

Monthly rents might also be higher in the area you’re moving to, especially if you’re relocating from a rural area to a city.

Just be sensible, and think before you make the leap. It will undoubtedly be a life-changing experience, but could turn out to be the best decision you ever made!

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