Norwegian Cabin Crew Recruitment Process 2023

Want to work for Norwegian but unsure of how? Then just follow this simple guide.

The award-winning Norwegian operate both long and short haul European and transatlantic flights, offering over 500 routes to more than 150 destinations. Want to be crew for them? Check out our guide to the Norwegian Cabin Crew Recruitment Process!

Before you start…

You’ll need your current CV saved in either Microsoft Word of PDF format. The airline’s recruitment services use a computer programme to scan your CV which checks your compatibility with the basic job requirements.

Step 1 –The Application Form

Check our jobs page to keep up to date with where Norwegian are currently recruiting.

Read the job description carefully – this lists the qualifications and requirements the airline is looking for.

Also listed here is anything you will need to upload copies of, such as your passport or photographs.

Once you’ve completed and submitted the application you’ll be sent an email confirming your application has been received.

Step 2 – Online Testing

If the scan of your CV is successful you’ll shortly (usually on the same day as submitting the application) receive an invitation via email to take the online psychometric tests, the second step in the process.

The online testing includes questions in the areas of numeracy, verbal reasoning and behavior/personality, and you should allow up to an hour for completion.

Full instructions are provided, and you’ll be given the chance to complete some practice questions before you start.

It’s important to be prepared:

  • Set aside time for the assessments when you know you are unlikely to be disturbed
  • Try to complete the assessments in a quiet place away from distractions
  • Equip yourself for taking notes with pens/pencils, paper and a calculator
Nervous about this stage? You’re not alone! Don’t worry, we have it covered. Our Cabin Crew Ability (psychometric) tests workbook has tons of practice questions (and answers!) to help you ace these sort of tests when it counts.

Step 3 – Next step

If you’ve passed you will receive an email inviting you to the next stage. Due to the volume of applications Norwegian receives this may take a little time to be sent, so don’t panic if it seems to be taking a while.

Occasionally recruitment services might telephone you to confirm successful completion of the testing stage and to ask some questions to further assess your suitability for cabin crew.

Keep in mind some relevant examples from your past, such as times you proved your abilities in teamwork or in customer service, so you’re prepared in the event that you receive a call.

Step 4 – The Assessment Day

Next in the process is the assessment day. This includes a range of activities designed so that the recruitment team can see if you’d be a good match for their airline as crew.

It’s also a valuable opportunity to speak with existing Norwegian cabin crew and ask them any questions you have.

You’ll also get a chance to try on the airline uniform!

Although you’ll be given a choice of attendance dates you will need to attend at a specific location. The choices of date are usually first come, first served, so make sure you confirm which date you prefer as soon as you can.

The day opens with a presentation about the job and company.

Next, candidates will be split for the group exercise, which might take the form of a task to complete, a discussion or a role-playing exercise.

Norwegian’s assessment days are generally a little ‘gentler’ than some i.e. you don’t have to worry about ‘failing’ any stage.

You’ll be there for all the different activities so will have a chance to shine in a later exercise even if you feel you’ve done less well early on.

Step 5 –The Interview

The last step in the process is the final interview. In some cases the interviews are held on the same day as the assessment day, but all candidates from this stage will be given an interview.

This final interview will last around 30-40 minutes and contains more questions to assess your suitability for the role.

It gives you the opportunity to prove yourself to the recruiters and give detailed answers to show that you have the skills that they are looking for.

Preparation is key here. This is your big chance to convince the recruiters that YOU are the person that the airline want on their crew.

Following the interview your whole application and performance will be considered. They aim to let you know within a week which means the agonising wait won’t be too long!


Final hurdles

There are two comprehensive background checks to be carried out before your pre employment training can commence.

The first is required by the Norwegian Aviation Authorities and the second will be relevant to the location of your employment base. These can take some time to complete.

The checks will include following up references, criminal record checks, your financial history and your work background for the last five years (including any gaps which must be accounted for).

You’ll be required to have a medical examination carried out by an approved professional. The test is straightforward, however if you suffer from any of the following the recruitment team should be made aware:

  • Seizures
  • Colour blindness
  • Lung disease
  • Chronic illness or disability
The cost of these checks will be covered by the airline and appointments are made through the recruitment team.

If the checks are successful you’ll receive confirmation of the date of your pre-employment training course (this normally lasts around four weeks) and given an expected start date for your employment.

Best of luck!

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