Our Facebook Group for Cabin Crew Wings Trainees has exceeded ALL our expectations…

If you’ve participated in a course with Cabin Crew Wings then you will know all about our Facebook community

For those of you who haven’t, after attending one of our 2 day ‘Get a Cabin Crew Job’ training events you can join the Facebook Group for Cabin Crew Wings Trainees. Our original plan was to create a way that you could stay in touch with the people you’ve met and formed a bond with. But its become so much more! We couldn’t be more delighted or proud of the friendly, dynamic and supportive group you have helped build.


Personal group size

While our main page on Facebook has over 10,000 followers, our group for trainees is limited to members who have undertaken one of our courses.

This smaller group size keeps the page more personal, and relevant to YOUR experience.

Lasting friendships

Did you meet people during our two-day course who you’d love to keep in touch with but didn’t get the chance to exchange details? Perhaps you’d like to follow other people’s journeys and be kept up-to-date with their news?

It’s lovely to hear that people are doing well, and it can really bolster your own confidence. If you’re having a wobble, the group is there to pick you back up and reassure you that it will work out for you too!

You may even be able to virtually connect with future co-workers. There are always lots of lively discussions about which airlines people are applying to. The person leaving friendly comments on one of your posts could well end up being a colleague!

Soaring success

As you know, our courses are packed to the brim with essential information and guidance on how to become Cabin Crew. Thanks to the excellent dynamic between our team and our course attendees, we frequently get to hear about lots of you landing the role of your dreams.

We encourage members to regularly share their success stories within the group. We didn’t realise how influential this Facebook group would be, and it’s always exciting to hear everyone’s good news!

“I had my Cabin Crew Wings trainee course back in October and six months later I have got my wings for BA! Now off to the skies!”

The group’s positive vibe is vital and there is a real community feel. Reading about how others pursued their flying careers is great for motivation and encouragement.

“So, this happened. Thanks so much to this group and I’m now ready to hopefully start the next chapter.”

No question too small

All members are welcome to ask for advice without worrying about sounding silly. Remember, no question is too small. Anything and everything is discussed – from what to wear to an interview to tips on laser tattoo removal!

Everyone is here with the same goal in mind, so this is a fantastic opportunity for a shared learning experience. We’ve been pleasantly surprised by how beneficial this community has become – you can be sure of a warm welcome when you join.

Practical tips

There is also a lot of practical or logistical information open to you once you join the group. There are often posts regarding Assessment Days or interviews for specific airlines. You get to hear real life experiences about current recruitment processes, in an interactive setting.

Not sure of the protocol at an upcoming Assessment Day? Just ask. Somebody may well have attended one recently and will have up-to-the-minute tips. Want to know how long you have to wait between application stages? It’s likely somebody will have answers for you.

There are so many benefits to being a part of this community and we’re so pleased it’s helping people!

Reassure yourself!

Sometimes things may not go the way you planned. If you didn’t get the position you were hoping for, or you missed the mark somewhere along the recruitment process, our group can help. Listening to what did or didn’t work for others can help you avoid making the same mistakes.

Stay up-to-date

The group stays current thanks to its active members regularly posting about upcoming recruitment events. Our team also feature useful direct links to some of our most popular Cabin Crew Wings blogs – it’s always helpful to refresh your knowledge at any stage of application.

Of course, you and your peers won’t be left unattended! Cabin Crew Wings staff monitor the group too, answering queries and giving guidance. It’s a fast and easy method of communicating with our team directly from your social media account. You have a whole host of support at your fingertips!

No ads

Another great advantage about the group is that advertising and promotions are not permitted. We wanted to make sure that this was a place for course attendees to support and help each other. No advertising means you don’t need to trawl through lots of posts that don’t apply to you, and can focus on the important stuff!

What are you waiting for?

Still making your mind up about one of our courses? Read our fabulous testimonials to see how we can help you get the Cabin Crew job of your dreams.

Already completed a course? If you want access to all the advantages and continued support offered by the group then you can now request to join us on Facebook.

Welcome aboard!

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Cabin Crew Wings Team

Our team of experts have the many years as Cabin Crew plus HR experience and are up to date with the latest selection news.

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