Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Recruitment Process 2018

Qatar Airways may be relatively new in comparison to their rivals, but they’re growing fast and making their presence well and truly known in the aviation world!

With word of a recruitment drive and recruitment days scheduled we’re here with the scoop on Qatar Airways recruitment process.

Planning on attending one of the Qatar Recruitment Open Days? Here’s what you need to know.

Handwriting CV

What you’ll need

The first thing is a printed copy of your Cabin Crew CV. Make sure it’s up to date, and smartly formatted for printing.

The information in your CV should reflect your very best achievements and highlight how suitable you are for the role.

If you’re unsure how well you’re coming across in your CV we can help!

You’ll also need a photocopy of your passport and the highest level of educational certificate you have.

In addition you’ll need to attach a couple of photos of yourself in formal business attire – one passport photo and one full length shot.

The Open Day

You’ll be expected to be smart and well-groomed – formal business attire is required here.

You can register online on the Qatar website or you can simply turn up on the day – it’s up to you.

Be punctual for the stated start time otherwise you might not be allowed entry!

The queues for registration will build up fast so it’s in your interest to get there early, plus being on time and organized makes a great first impression.

Generally your documents and CV will be checked over by a recruiter, and you may be called to answer a few questions.

If they think you look like a promising candidate you’ll be invited to stay and take part in some selection activities.

Generally these activities will take the form of group and role-play activities and discussions. There will be several of these, and ‘cuts’ will be made after each round.

If you’re successful throughout the day you’ll be invited to have a one to one interview.

Usually this is held on the same day – however in some cases where there is an unexpectedly large amount of applicants you may be asked to return on a different day.

After the Open Day

Your CV and performance during the open day will all be considered, and you’ll be informed by recruitment (usually within a couple of weeks) whether you’ve been successful or not.

If there have been a lot of good candidates then the wait may be slightly longer while the recruitment team make their decisions.

If you’ve been successful the airline will need to carry out some background and medical checks – you’ll be asked to cover the costs of these and organise them yourself.

However you’ll be allocated a dedicated recruitment co-ordinator to help you with any questions you might have and tell you exactly what you need to do.

You’ll be asked to set up an online account with Qatar on their careers website and be given access to the advanced candidate zone where you can upload information and track the progress of your application.

If all is successful you’ll be given a date to start your pre-employment training and given details of your travel and accommodation for your relocation to Doha!

If there is a large volume of new cabin crew being taken on you may be placed in a ‘holding pool’ temporarily until a position becomes available.

Interested in joining the Qatar Airways team? Find out here where they are recruiting

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