Relocating to the Middle East to be Cabin Crew

Working for one of the Middle Eastern airlines such as Emirates, Etihad or Qatar is high on the wish list of many aspiring Cabin Crew.

But what does moving to the Middle East for a Cabin Crew job with one of these airlines involve?

What does the Airline provide?

When you accept a firm offer of employment and the final pre-employment checks are complete the airline will generally cover your relocation costs and organise the necessary paperwork and visas for you.

Accommodation is also provided for crew, in same sex shared apartments. However be aware that there are strict rules, especially regarding curfew times and having guests visit (even family!).

One of the major benefits of living in the Middle East is that you can enjoy a tax-free salary, and you will receive enviable benefits on top provided by the airline like gym memberships, private healthcare and discounts on shopping, entertainment and leisure activities.

Middle East Life

Need we mention the weather?! On your days off you get to enjoy scorching temperatures and year-round sunshine. However there are certain times of year when this can get a bit unbearable.

Many people find it frustrating having to stay indoors all day until early evening – adjusting your routine to the heat and movement of the sun can take a bit of getting used to!

You’ll be completely spoilt for choice when it comes to eating out, shopping, and things to do however. In Dubai you can get almost anything you want delivered to your apartment, and there are so many food choices on offer that you’ll never be bored!

While the local language of the region is Arabic, almost everyone speaks English fluently, and there is a large expat population. This means it’s easy to make yourself understood, and to meet new people.

However one of the major downsides to expat life is that it’s so transient – and you have to accept that friends will come and go. Knowing this doesn’t make the situation easier when people leave though!

The most important thing to be aware of is that the culture is very different. You will be expected to behave and dress respectfully in public, and drinking alcohol is prohibited outwith selected areas. Being intoxicated is also a huge no no.

Moving Abroad

You may be lonely and find it hard to settle so far away from home, and you will only get limited time off to travel back to visit as part of your contract. You do usually get a discount on your airline’s flights for family and friends however, which is a great excuse for them to come out to visit!

As with any move it will take time for you to settle and get your bearings, and this can be stressful and worrying at first. It’s natural to feel like this! It takes a certain amount of determination to get through this initial period, and there will quite possibly be days where you question your decision to move.

It isn’t for everyone, and you should give very careful consideration to your decision to apply to or accept a job with a Middle Eastern airline. But it can also be an amazing and life-changing experience for you, where you’ll expand your world views, meet fantastic new friends and do and see things you never dreamed you would!

Take a look here at some of our real-life stories from cabin crew who took the plunge and made the move.

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