A return to face-to-face Cabin Crew recruitment?

Emirates have begun a whistle-stop global Cabin Crew recruitment tour.

Could this be the start of a return to face-to-face Cabin Crew recruitment?

Emirates conducting face-to-face interviews

Emirates have embarked on a global Cabin Crew recruitment campaign. Recruiters for the Middle Eastern airline are visiting 30 cities worldwide to hire up to 5,000 new Cabin Crew by the end of 2022.

After receiving over 300,000 applications for Cabin Crew roles at their Dubai base, Emirates recruiters have had the tricky task of whittling down candidates to the very best for a final, in-person interview.

Emirates recruitment has changed

The UAE airline is renowned to be one of the most difficult to land a Cabin Crew job with.

Over the years, Cabin Crew hopefuls have flown around the world to attend Emirates recruitment fairs in a bid to impress. Assessment events like this were common across airlines pre-pandemic. But will they return?

Pandemic halting progress

However, the Covid-19 pandemic brought the aviation industry – and Cabin Crew recruitment – to a crashing halt. Even when the travel sector began to ramp up again, many airlines chose to stick with their virtual recruitment processes.

Increasingly, the Cabin Crew recruitment process combines online and face-to-face elements. It usually ends with in-person interviews for those who make it to this stage.

HR vice president for Emirates, Abdulaziz Al Ali, has said “While parts of the application process are done online, we always make the effort to meet our candidates in person whenever we can.”

“There’s no more exciting airline than Emirates for anyone interested in a flying career, and we’ve received tremendous interest since we began our recruitment drive for Cabin Crew.

The entire Emirates Cabin Crew recruitment process was carried out online until only recently.

Which cities are Emirates visiting?

But now, interviews will be conducted face-to-face. Recruiters will visit the UK over the coming months – you can find select dates on our Jobs Board.

Whereas before, aspiring Cabin Crew could simply turn up on the day to a recruitment event, now it’s necessary to fill out an online application form to begin your Cabin Crew journey.

Recruitment process

If you pass the initial screening, you’ll go on to complete an online assessment which will include a video interview and English language test.

Remaining shortlisted candidates will at this point finally meet recruiters face-to-face for their all-important final interview.

We’ve got all the info you need about the Emirates recruitment process 2022 and Emirates Cabin Crew role requirements.

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