Cabin Crew Selection – True or False?

Getting an invite to an assessment day with an airline is incredibly exciting. Then you’ll come down to earth with a bump when you realise that you don’t really know what to

It’s just an interview

Show up looking well presented and tell an interview panel how hard working and motivated you are! These days the airlines put a lot into making sure they make the right hiring decisions. This involves really putting applicants through their paces. The interview will be one part of the selection day, but depending on which airline you are applying for you will also have to participate in groups activities, interact in a role-play, take written ability tests and deliver a presentation. Don’t worry, it’s not all as daunting as it sounds. Have a good read round this site to find out more about each of these activities. Remember, don’t be fooled by other guidance which may tell you it’s just an interview you will be expected to do- it out of date advice which will leave you unprepared and out of your depth.

They select people with prior experience

Although recruiters take note of prior experience it is not essential. What they are most interested in is your potential- to deal effectively with customers, care for passengers, keep a level head in a crisis, work well with the rest of the team. they assess your potential by putting you into various scenarios and seeing how you behave, so how you score is very much down to what you do and not what you know. however, it can be useful to also be able to show that you are likely to handle the role as it’s a waste of everybody time to select applicants who aren’t able to complete their basic training. A good way round this is to attend a practical training day before recruitment processes begin. By doing so you will learn for yourself if you are capable of handling some of the challenges like jumping down a chute from height or finding your way out of a claustrophobic smoke filled chamber. And just as importantly, you can show your recruiters that you are a safe bet going forward to cabin crew training.

I need to look presentable

This is true; have you ever seen an untidy or dishevelled member of cabin crew? But there is more to it than that. much of the role of cabin crew involves safety, so you also need to show that you have a level head on your shoulders. A pretty face alone isn’t going to cut it in a crisis. Another important aspect is customer service. We all remember a rude or unhelpful cabin crew and that’s not what the airlines look for in their staff. You will need to prove that you are able to work in a polite, friendly and proactive way with members of the public, considering their comfort as well as their security.

I will only be chosen if I’m outgoing and bubbly

There are plenty of characteristics that the airlines will be looking for and the interview/ assessment day is your chance to show which of these you have. What’s important is how well you relate to others, listening to passengers, supporting your team, handling complaints etc. some of you will be quite extravert in your approach, some less so. The important thing is to be true to yourself and let the airlines decide if you have what it takes. If you’d like to get an insight into how suitable you are in advance you could consider going on a training course and getting professional feedback into whether you would be a good fit, and what you might need to work on if you are going to succeed in this industry.

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Hannah is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist specialising in recruitment, selection and assessment. This means she designs and assesses at selection days just like the ones airlines use.

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