How to write the best Cabin Crew Cover letter

It’s getting more and more common for airlines to request a cover letter in addition to your CV in the application process.

One of the reasons for this is to help them filter through the applicants more efficiently, especially when they tend to receive a HUGE amount of application for cabin crew positions.

Think of the cover letter as a complement to your CV and a way to enhance it even more.

This is going to be one of the first impressions the recruitment team gets of you so it needs to be a good one. The great thing about cover letters is that they let you express a little of your personality and character.

Here are our top ten tips for a fantastic cover letter to get you started!

1You don’t need to write a long letter – keep it short and to the point. 3-5 short paragraphs is an ideal format. And remember, it shouldn’t just duplicate your CV!

2Tailor your cover letter to the airline you’re applying for – do a bit of research on them, on their values, mission statement and what they expect of their crew. Tell them what you like about them and why you want to work for them.

3Think outside the box with your opening line. So many cover letters begin “I am writing to apply for the position of…”? Starting with something like “I have always admired the values of … airlines and am excited to have the opportunity to apply as cabin crew” will make your letter standout.

4If you have any qualifications that are relevant to being cabin crew, such as having completed a recognised Cabin Crew Course, then make sure you highlight these.

5Tell them why you’re passionate about becoming Cabin Crew. Link the requirements for cabin crew for the airline to your own skills and experience.

6Be enthusiastic! Let your personality come through in the letter – you don’t have to be overly formal. Conversational but business like is what to aim for.

7Your cover letter should be in three parts:

  • An introduction stating why you want to work as cabin crew for this particular airline
  • A middle section highlighting your skills and how they relate to the job
  • A conclusion telling the airline why you want to be crew and why you’d be an excellent crew member!

8Put your contact details in the heading of the cover letter – phone, e-mail, LinkedIn profile…it may seem like you’ve entered these details again and again during the application but it’s useful for recruitment to have them on everything.

9Use a clear and straightforward font, and match it to the font used on your CV – this looks professional and smart. Save the cover letter document in MS Word or PDF format.

10Thank the reader for their time. It’s polite – especially as they’ll have a lot of letters to read through. It’s best to sign off with ‘Yours Sincerely’ too, which is polite and not too stiff!

It is tricky to write about yourself sometimes – what works for some people is to ‘free write’ on a piece of paper for ten minutes – jot down what you know and like about the airline and why your dream is to become cabin crew.

Use your CV too and pick the most useful information to include! You can use it as a starting point for your cover letter, and get an indication of what it might be helpful to research.

Check your cover letter against your CV – your CV is the proof to back up your claims! Make sure all of the contact details match too.

Finally our last, very important piece of advice is to proof-read your cover letter (and CV!) before you hit that upload button!

It’s surprising how often this is overlooked – errors look unprofessional and could damage your chances of progressing in the application process.

Check your grammar and spelling thoroughly, then check it again for good luck!


Do you think your CV could use a little help?

Our CV Review service will give you advice that we promise will make your CV better – and a bit more ‘crew’!

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