The good news for Thomas Cook Cabin Crew…

Sadly the global travel company Thomas Cook, went into liquidation in the early hours of Sunday morning. The company announced that it had ceased trading with immediate effect.

While travellers have been left stranded or out of pocket due to holidays being cancelled, approximately 21,000 Thomas Cook Cabin Crew and staff are now unemployed.

So what will this mean for Cabin Crew?

For Cabin Crew who worked for Thomas Cook, the company’s collapse may come as a huge shock. It had been hoped that talks would secure the finances necessary to keep the business afloat.

Dedicated Cabin Crew were still carrying out their duties aboard flights when the news broke. It was confirmed that all employees would lose their jobs.

If this has happened to you, what should you do now?

Employment prospects

If you find yourself suddenly without a job, don’t lose heart….there is good news!

The Cabin Crew career is renowned to be a difficult one to get into. But Cabin Crew in this position have already proved their ability and gained invaluable experience.

This will be a huge advantage when embarking on a job hunt.

In addition, it’s very likely that other airlines will expand their recruitment to plug the gap left by Thomas Cook.

Already, Virgin Atlantic have opened up a recruitment campaign specifically for Thomas Cook Cabin Crew.

TUI have also appealed to Thomas Cook staff to get in touch as soon as possible. The airline will host a jobs fair at their Luton office for affected employees.

There are plenty of jobs for experienced Cabin Crew in both the aviation industry and other job markets. It’s worth making connections and enquiries now – former employees of Thomas Cook will be viewed favourably in light of the situation. But remember, time is of the essence!

Further opportunities

With great timing, the Aviation Job Expo at Gatwick Airport is taking place on 3rd October 2019!

One of our excellent Cabin Crew Wings course trainers, Baljit Saini-Pickford, will be on hand to discuss aviation recruitment, and to offer advice to industry professionals seeking jobs.

If you’re not able to attend a recruitment fair in person, then be proactive online! Those who are quick off the mark can check which are currently recruiting (including British Airways and Jet2).

Financial help

For affected Cabin Crew, redundancy support packages are said to be in place. You should also contact your trade union to check what help is available.

As long as you are a UK resident and had an employment contract, you can also report to the government’s Insolvency Service for redundancy and other payments.

Next steps

Regardless of your employment situation you need to make sure you’re bang up-to-date regarding recruitment processes for any airlines you apply for.

If it’s been a while since the last time you went through the Cabin Crew recruitment process, you might notice a few changes. Video interviews are increasingly common, so make sure you know what to expect.

Don’t become complacent about attending an Assessment Day or Open Day. Things may have changed a little since you last applied and competition will be fierce.

Make sure to brush up on your interview technique too. You can never be too prepared on the potential interview questions.

If it’s been a while since you applied for a Cabin Crew job there may be new issues affecting airlines that might crop up in interview questions (ones that perhaps weren’t as prominent when you started your career – such as sustainability or diversity). Do your research!

It might seem obvious, but now is the perfect time to give your CV and cover letter the once-over. Remember, there will be a huge influx of Cabin Crew hoping to secure a job at the same time as you. Make sure your application is memorable.

Don’t just list your experience, make yourself stand out. Emphasise specific situations where your customer service was exemplary, or highlight a time when you managed a difficult incident.

Stay positive

Although it’s a competitive job market, there are plenty of opportunities out there for motivated, ambitious Cabin Crew. So don’t give up!

How we want to help you…

Our Interview, Assessment Day and Ability Tests eBooks are best-sellers and will help secure your next Cabin Crew job (like they have done for hundreds of others).

So we would like to offer all Thomas Cook Cabin Crew a massive 75% discount on all 3.

These cover all the things which you may feel a bit rusty on:

  • What an assessment day looks like and what the assessors are looking for
  • Practice of the numerical, verbal and behavioural tests popular with many airlines
  • Different types of interview questions, including competency/ behavioural ones (which with the right guidance your experience will make you ace!)
  • How roleplays and group discussions are used to assess your personal style
  • How to feel confident and in control, despite any anxieties or nerves!

We know that with uncertainty around your finances, the last thing you want to do is make extra purchases. But given the difference our help can make to your performance and job outlook, this may be worth considering.

Simply email us ( with proof you worked for Thomas Cook and we will send you a discount code for ALL THREE workbooks for just £10 (in store price is £48 for all three).

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