How to wow the panel at a Cabin Crew interview

It may sound a little harsh but an airline recruitment panel will interview a lot of candidates who seem very similar. Very presentable, very nice…but not particularly memorable.

Is it even that important to stand out? And how do you do this?

It is important to stand out because you want to be selected. If you merge into the mass of ‘OK’ candidates you risk being passed over. But what you don’t want to do is misinterpret HOW you need to stand out. Being exceptionally quirky or loud isn’t the right way. The best way you can stand out is to provide answers which convince your interview panel that they can’t afford to lose you.

Here are 5 of our top tips:

  1. Make sure you have prepared answers to the most obvious questions.

    Why do you want to work for this particular airline? Why do you want to be cabin crew? What are your career ambitions? What are your main strengths and weaknesses? You may or may not have these sorts of questions but it can’t hurt to have a slick answer prepared just in case.

  2. Look the part.

    Go into the interview as if you are already cabin crew. We all know what the cabin crew ‘look’ is in terms of tidy hair, subtle make-up and jewellery, heels etc. Make it easy for them to be able to picture you in the role.

  3. Have examples to back up your points.

    If you are trying to show that you are a hard-worker don’t just say ‘I’m a really hard-worker’. Go on to describe evidence of this ‘…for example, when I was working at…’ If you give a clear example you are giving a much more compelling reflection of who you are; remember, actions DO speak far louder than words!

  4. It’s easier said than done but the more at ease you feel, the more self -assured and confident you will seem.

    You will be able to put bits of humour into your answers and be able to engage with your audience as a ‘real’ person instead of the bag of nerves they usually see.

  5. Show your enthusiasm.

    When we are nervous we can become a bit monotone and our excitement for the role can get lost. Smile and vary your tone. Practice in front of a mirror or record yourself so you get more comfortable saying your answers to an audience, even if the audience if just a camera!

We’ve all been on planes where the cabin crew blend into the background, and we’ve all got off a plane able to pick out the ones who made an impact. Think about why this was, and make sure you are THAT sort of person in your interview.

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Hannah is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist specialising in recruitment, selection and assessment. This means she designs and assesses at selection days just like the ones airlines use.

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