No Experience? No Problem: Crafting a Standout CV for Aspiring Cabin Crew

You’ve decided to take the plunge and apply for that dream cabin crew career, but you’ve no previous experience.

Don’t fret. You may not have delivered safety demonstrations or served drinks at 35,000 feet but we’re pretty sure a lot of your previous work experience stands you in great stead to be cabin crew, even if you don’t know it yet.

Luckily, our resident Occupational Psychologist and Career Coach, Hannah Vallance has given us her 5 top tips for crafting a ‘career history’ or ‘work experience’ section for your CV that will deliver exactly what recruiters are looking for.


1. Make it Personal

Most people approach their career history like a job description, simply listing key responsibilities for each professional role they’ve held. Boring! This is not only wildly repetitive for recruiters wading through hundreds of similar CVs, but it tells them nothing about you and how you work. To stand out, include details about how you approached key elements of each role, what you did well, and why you will be an asset to them. For example, what were your priorities, how did you manage challenging situations, how did you ensure you were efficient/helpful etc? This gives recruiters a glimpse at you as a person and a potential member of their team.


2. Prioritise Relevant Experience

Cabin crew recruiters want to see work experience that translates directly to the cabin crew role. So, tailor your CV to emphasise roles that required customer service, communication, problem-solving, thinking on your feet and teamwork etc.

Avoid overwhelming the reader with an exhaustive list of responsibilities. Instead, emphasise experiences that showcase your suitability for the cabin crew role. For example, if you have a childcare background, focus on health and safety, attention to detail and individual needs, hygiene, safeguarding and parental communications over educational development which are less relevant here.


3. Quantify Achievements

Employers love evidence and metrics to back-up statements. For instance, mention customer satisfaction figures, the number of team members you worked with or mentored, times you received specific recognition for your role (e.g. employee of the month), number of processes you helped streamline etc. Demonstrating tangible results that have benefitted another employer helps make you and your CV more impactful by demonstrating specifically how you contribute in a team.

If you are not able to provide metrics then it’s crucial to avoid generic statements like “provided excellent customer service.” Instead, specify how you went above and beyond in your role, resolved challenging situations or received positive feedback from customers.


4. Highlight Training and Certifications

Prominently list any relevant training and certifications attached to each role. This could be anything from health and safety training, team building, diversity and inclusivity training, and any other certifications that demonstrates your growth and development.


5. Tailor Your Experience to Fit the Employer

A one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t work for CVs. So, whilst your ‘Career History’ section must be accurate and honest it should always be tweaked to align with the specific requirements of the airline and cabin crew position you’re applying for. Scrutinise the airline values, mission statement and job description, then ensure you highlight skills and experiences that meet their requirements.

In conclusion, with some careful thought, creativity and specific detail your ‘career history’ is your opportunity to shine on paper. Make every word count, and remember that quality of content outweighs quantity. By presenting a tailored, achievement-focused career history, you’ll significantly enhance your chances of catching the recruiter’s eye and securing that coveted cabin crew position. Good luck x

Why not also check out our last blog ‘Get Your Cabin Crew CV Noticed: The Power of a Compelling Personal Statement’ for additional tips and tricks to help you start your cabin crew career. Our assessment experts are also on hand to review your CV before submission to ensure it gives the first impression needed to land that dream job.

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