Tattoos and Cabin Crew

"Can I still get a job if I have tattoos?"

It’s a question that roughly forty percent of the world has either asked themselves or been asked by others at least once.

Lauren's tattoo
And if you want to be cabin crew and have tattoos, the answer is yes, with a few restrictions.

I started my cabin crew career two years ago with three tattoos and now have seven, so not only can you have them, you can add to your collection.

Lauren in uniform

Just make sure you follow a few simple rules.

If you have tattoos and are going for your interview, you cannot have visible tattoos. So, unfortunately, if you have a face or hand tattoo, you probably won’t get the job.

Therefore, if you have plans for face or hand tattoos, but really want to work for the airlines, you will have to either change your tattoo location or wait until you leave the industry.

Like with most job interviews, you want to look your best, so dress yourself beforehand and make sure all of your tats are covered and you won’t have any issues.

For me, personally, this means I have to be aware of the cut of the collar of my shirt, because I have a pretty visible tattoo on my collarbone. For those with forearm tattoos, it would mean long sleeves. For those with leg tattoos, it would mean trousers.

This is also what your uniform standards will adhere to. So, sorry girls with calf tattoos, that most likely means you won’t be allowed to wear the skirt or the dress.

I would suggest before applying and going through the hiring process, to Google the airline’s uniform to see where the cut might fall. I believe all airlines have a skirt or trouser option for women as well as long sleeve and short sleeve shirts, but it is best to make absolute certain.

You don’t want to go through the whole process of getting your hopes up just to find out that you can’t wear the uniform.

But fear not, for there are tricks we can use. Is your only visible tattoo a little one on your finger? If you’re willing to invest in a lifetime supply of bandages, no one will think twice about it.

Do you have a wrist tattoo? Most airline jobs require a watch, so if it can be covered by the band, then you’re good to go.

Are you allowed boots as your footwear in the cabin? Your calves are now covered. As long as it adheres to your uniform standards, there should be no issue with your body art.

Make up is also an option. Derma Blend and Kat Von D both make make-up specifically for covering tattoos. Just be aware it can rub off on your clothing and stain it, which will rack up your dry cleaning bills.

There is also no reason to think that your planned tattoos have to be put aside once you are hired. I think I had been working with my airline for about four months when I got another tattoo.

I just wore my uniform shirt to the appointment and told the artist to just make sure it would be covered by the sleeve. No issues.

For now, I can enjoy short sleeves in the summer, but soon I will have to wear the long sleeves year-round, as I have a tattoo planned that will pass my elbow.

Again, as long as it can be hidden by your uniform, there is no reason to not get that new tattoo!

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Laur started her career in aviation almost two years ago after spending a summer wishing she didn’t have to work as a security guard on a beach. While she doesn’t consider herself the most glamorous of people, she likes to make all of her passengers laugh and feel like they can leave the aircraft with a story to tell, since she believes flying should be part of the holiday experience. When on the ground, Laur enjoys whiskey tastings, castles, and comic cons.

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