The Latest Salaries for Cabin Crew!

By Aviation Job Search

The latest salaries for Cabin Crew!

Members of cabin crew currently serving with airlines are advised not to share their salaries online – therefore the subject can be somewhat of a mystery.

Aviation Job Searchrecently produced its annual report, which highlighted the average salaries for professions within the airline industry, including cabin crew members.

Salaries will obviously vary by airline, but taken from Aviation Job Search’s 2019 data, the overall average salary for cabin crew was recorded as £21,001.68. The overall average salary for VVIP cabin crew members was £29,000.

Average salary for airlines

According to Glassdoor, the following salaries were the average for these airlines:

  • £18,000 per year
  • Ryanair: £14,000 per year
  • British Airways: £18,000 per year
  • EasyJet: 14,502 per year
  • TUI: £15,000 per year
  • Flybe: £15,415
  • Virgin Atlantic: £15,000 per year
  • Air France: £17,000 – £18,000 per year

Whilst the averages can be seen above, there are other factors to consider when looking at salary for cabin crew.

Level of experience

The below figures are a guideline, according to Aviation Job Search’s data on average salary based on level of experience:

  • Starting salary: £12,000 – £14,000
  • Experienced: £15,000 – £21,000
  • Senior: £30,000

Flight pay

Flight pay is an hourly rate for hours from take-off to landing. This is a small figure based on actual hours flown on-board – not all airlines have this.

Allowance payments

Some airlines provide allowance payment for nights spent away from base (may differ for countries visited, for example a meal in Tokyo will cost more than in Mombasa, therefore payments will reflect this).

Not all airlines pay for allowances and some have a set figure per trip, for example 25 Euro per night away.

Language payments

If you speak a different language, this could work to your advantage with regards to pay, as some airlines will pay a monthly allowance for crew who can speak different languages. If you speak a language fluently and can do the public announcements etc. on-board regular flights, you may get paid slightly more.

Commission from duty free sales

Whilst working on a flight, you will be required to sell duty free goods to passengers. This comes with an incentive though, as usually about 5-10% of total sales would be shared by the whole crew.

Initial cabin crew experience

It should be noted that during your flight crew training course, you will only be receiving a basic salary – so for a usual 4-6 week period, you will be on a limited budget.

This is normally received a month behind at the end of the month and allowances and extras are usually paid two months behind. The longer you stay with a company is also of benefit, as you should receive a yearly increment/bonus of up to 5% plus a yearly rise after a qualifying period.

Other benefits

Other benefits working as cabin crew might include:

  • Annual leave: Usually between 14 and 30 days a year. Most airlines also offer personal or medical insurance in case you’re taken ill or have an accident, although it varies.

  • Pension: Pension schemes are sometimes available.

  • Illness: There is a limited period of sick leave where you will be just paid a basic salary.

  • Reduced price tickets: Most scheduled airlines will offer reduced price tickets or staff travel on standby if there are seats available, which is great if you’re looking to commute or travel while away from work.

  • Staff discounts: You might also benefit from a discounted or full gym membership, and discounts at restaurants and on public transport. You may also get discounts on internet fees and food at your hotel or at duty free shops at the airports.

  • Uniform: As your uniform is so important to the company image, the airline will normally pay for you to have it dry cleaned and some have laundry facilities at base for you to drop off your uniform.

  • Travel and accommodation: Many of the airlines in the Middle East, for example Emirates, Etihad, Qatar and Gulf Air offer their cabin crew, free transport (by crew bus to and from airport) and free accommodation (shared apartments with up to 3 other crew members) which can be a huge advantage.

  • Tax free salary: Some airlines offer a tax free salary, which is great if you have no ties and are willing to move to a new country.

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