The Myths of Cabin Crew Qualifications

Do you meet the airlines requirements?

Do I need any formal qualifications to become Cabin Crew?

This is one of of the most common questions asked by people thinking about applying for a cabin crew position, and can be a worry as some applicants may be applying years after leaving formal education, or might not have got the grades they hoped for.

In truth formal qualifications are often not as important as you might think.

Though most airlines will expect you to have a reasonable level of secondary education, a lot of emphasis is placed on you as a person and your relevant work and life experience. You might find our article on this subject helpful!

It’s still important to brush up on your existing skills and show a bit of initiative both in the application process and later on if you want to advance your cabin crew career! Though your personality and experience will get you so far, there are areas of the process where a little bit of work can really pay off.

The Application and Psychometric Testing

In the application process you will either have to complete an application form or submit a copy of your CV. This is the perfect time to evaluate and see where you might be able to improve on your reading, comprehension and writing skills.

A well written CV and application where you’ve shown you have read and understand what you’re being asked will go a long way towards a good first impression!

This, along with revisiting your existing skills in maths, will also be very useful in the psychometric ‘ability’ testing section. Here you’ll be expected to prove how well you can:

  • Understand information
  • Deal with numbers
  • Apply your judgement
This testing is an important part of the selection process, and a strong performance will give an indication of how good you might be at adapting to the role and being able to learn the required specialist skills and knowledge needed for cabin crew.

It may sound a little overwhelming! Rest assured this is normal if you aren’t used to this type of application process. You might find our Cabin Crew Ability Test eBook guide useful – it’s packed with helpful tips for the application and testing (and practice tests with answers too!).

Personal and Skill Development

There are many ways you can very easily improve on your skillset without the need for further formal education.

To get some hands-on experience of the role before you even apply you can enroll in an introductory ‘taster’ course. Why not check our courses out?

Completing one of these courses will really prove your dedication to the role, and can give you that edge over your fellow applicants!

You can also easily do your own research at home on the different airlines and their operations and procedures. Using your initiative and showing that you have a genuine interest in the area where you will be working will go a long way,

Career Advancement

Even once you have secured a cabin crew role promotion and advancement are often based on your experience and performance in the role, which will be continually monitored and appraised – your educational background and qualifications will not prevent you from being considered.

However taking advantage of any extra training offered by the airline does show initiative and a commitment to the job, so this is well worth considering if it is offered to you. But generally being the best version of you at all times when on the job (and being constantly open to learning!) is good advice!

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Hannah is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist specialising in recruitment, selection and assessment. This means she designs and assesses at selection days just like the ones airlines use.

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  1. Hi can someone with Qualification in Tourism Management apply for the job of a flight attendant. Can someone from South Africa also apply.

    1. Hi there,

      Yes you can certainly apply, you don’t need a specific cabin crew qualification, and Tourism Management is a very relevant area! The only thing would be that you would have to make sure that the airline base you were applying for accepts applications from your residential status.

  2. Hi
    Is there any oportunity that morrocan people work as cabin crew even if they live in morroco or they must have the eurpopein nationality
    I m an air hostess working in royal air maroc since 12 years

    1. Hi there,

      It would be best to check directly with any airline you are looking to apply to what their regulations are. However with most airlines as long as you have or can obtain the necessary paperwork and/or visas to allow you to live and work in the country you will be based in as cabin crew then you can apply for employment with them. Hope this helps!

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