The one thing you WILL be asked in interview!

Imagine if you could get a list of all the questions you’ll be asked in your Cabin Crew interview?

Although we can’t give you an exact blueprint to follow we can tell you the one think you WILL be asked in your Cabin Crew Interview!

There’s one thing the interview panel will definitely want to know – and that’s WHY you’ve chosen to pursue a career with THEIR airline.

It’s important that you answer this well – the possibility of you getting the job could depend on it.

How will the interviewers ask?

The panel could ask for this information in a variety of ways, including:

  • The obvious – why our airline!
  • What interests you about working for us?
  • Why did you choose to apply to us?
  • What does working for our airline mean to you?

These are the most obvious, although there are a lot of other ways they might put it!

Why is it so important for the interviewers to know this?

The recruitment team want to know that you have a genuine interest not just in the Cabin Crew career itself, but in being an excellent representative of their airline. They want to know that your values and attitudes match their own.

Some people are drawn to the career, or to a particular airline, for the wrong reasons – they see the job as exciting, a profession that others look up to, with our stopping to consider if the career is actually the right fit for them.

There are hundreds of applicants for each Cabin Crew position that comes up, so the recruitment team want to make sure they’re giving the job to the most worthy candidates!

How can I answer well?!

Take a piece of paper and write down all the things that attract you to the airline.

Then write down all the positives you can think of about being crew for them, and all the negatives. This will help you establish your own feelings and opinions and give you a good base for your answer – and it’s important to be honest!

Does your list of negatives far outweigh the positives? Maybe it’s best to have a hard think about whether this is the airline for you. Do you want to share their values, and work in line with their mission statement, or do you just like the idea of their snazzy uniform and the status that it brings along with it?

These are the things that the panel will be trying to find out!

You can also back up your answer by showing you’ve done your homework:

  • Research the airline! Find out what they want from their crew, the image they’re trying to promote, what’s important to them. Is it excellent customer service, or sustainability, or even just making sales?
  • Each airline has a slightly different ‘mission statement’ and a set of core values. It’s important that you’re aware of what these are for the airline you’re applying to.
  • Know the role and requirements of the crew for your airline inside out! Prove how you match up to these requirements, using examples from your past experiences.
  • Keep an eye on the news and current issues surrounding your chosen airline.

Of course, this knowledge will also stand you in good stead whilst answering other interview questions too!

Showing your passion for, knowledge of and commitment of the role, and that you’re interested enough to go above and beyond in researching and keeping up to date with what’s important to the airline could give you that extra boost you need to stand out head and shoulders above your fellow applicants!

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Cabin Crew Wings Team

Our team of experts have the many years as Cabin Crew plus HR experience and are up to date with the latest selection news.

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