Tips on becoming Cabin Crew (from an Industry Insider!)

Part 1


Decide if you really want to be a cabin crew

The first step towards becoming a cabin crew member is actually deciding that you want to change your way of life and adopt the cabin crew lifestyle.

Being cabin crew is not a normal job, it is a career that requires some sacrifice and getting used to before truly enjoying the benefits that our world has to offer.

Only you can make this decision.

True, you will be the one missing your family and suffering from jet lag, but you will also be the one travelling the world, meeting new people and enjoying the amazing cultures and cuisine from all around the globe.

It’s also a good idea to make sure you meet the common general requirements for Cabin Crew.


Educate yourself

Once you have decided on an airline that you would like to apply to work for, but before you actually apply, we advise you take a Cabin Crew training course.

Here you will be learning the ins and outs of being a cabin crew and truly understand what it is like to work in the sky.

It will also give you a considerable edge during the application and recruitment process as you will be much better prepared to pass the interviews and will have a background knowledge of being a cabin crew that other candidates won’t have.

Also stating you have attended a cabin crew training course and attaching the certificate will certainly make you a leading applicant that the airline will not overlook.


Apply online

The first step towards you becoming cabin crew is to submit an online application.

Airlines use this part to narrow down considerably the amount of people that apply to be flight attendant and filter through to find the most suitable candidates.

The actual online application can take up to one hour to complete as it consists of various parts: personal details, competency based questions, CV and cover letter,  uploading photos and aptitude tests.

Our advice is before starting the application to be prepared with a completed CV and photo and be in a quiet place where you can focus.

Not every airline is actively looking for cabin crew. They may just have a message in their careers tab saying that there are no open positions at this time, others will ask you to go through the whole process and then will inform you once they start hiring.

Some will have a list of crew that is needed and even specify the base for which you can apply.


Practice online logic tests

During the application process most airlines will, at some point, make you complete a logic or personality test of some sort online.

These tests are always timed, to make you work under pressure and help airlines filter out the huge amount of applications they get every year.

We advise that you practice some of the kind of questions you’ll get in these logic tests at home, so you train your brain a bit before applying –  this will help you to get into the right mindset.


Prepare your CV and cover letter beforehand

The key to getting hired by an airline that especially focuses on the initial online application to filter out candidates is to have a presentable and professional looking curriculum vitae.

Make sure that it done on a word document (or a similar programe), that it is clean and clear for the reader to understand straight away.

The recruiters look at thousands of CVs a month so make sure that when they see yours, they can see what they need to straight away.

You could include a passport style photo of yourself in the top right hand corner, along with your name and contact details in the header. You can find plenty of examples and templates for free online.

It’s also a good idea to think about getting some up-to-date photos taken, as a lot of airlines will ask you to submit these.

A cover letter should also be prepared as some airlines ask you for one during the online application too.

Ensure you have one ready before applying where you can just edit the name of the airline on the cover letter and tailor it to their requirements before submitting it to them.

Hopefully you’ll find some of these tips useful in your application! Look out for the next article in this series where we look at the Assessment Day and Interview process.

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