Top 5 Airlines for Cabin Crew

Choosing which airline you want to apply to and work for as Cabin Crew is a huge decision – there are so many!

The difficulty is that a lot of the time opinions about how good (or bad!) a particular airline is to work for are based on personal opinions and values – what appeals one employee may not be so important to another.

However, there are certain airlines which seem to receive consistent praise and positive comments from their cabin crew, and we’ve listed five of the best below!



etihad logo

Etihad Airways are synonymous with luxury and a top class flight experience for their passengers.

Crew praise the salary and benefits that come with working for Etihad – these benefits include discounted travel and significant staff shopping, restaurant and entertainment discounts across Abu Dhabi.

  • The airline also offer comprehensive health insurance.

The accommodation for crew and state of the art training facilities were also praised.

Lufthansa logo

Crew praise Lufthansa for their commitment to treating their employees well, and the high standard of training they offer.

Although the pay is at the lower end of the scale for crew this is compensated by job security and a good range of employee benefits, including flight and travel discounts for crew and family, healthcare and pension plans.

  • Flexible annual leave policies and quality of layover accommodation were also favourably commented on.



virgin atlantic logo

Although Virgin’s salary rates aren’t the highest, the remain one of the most desirable airlines to work for.

One huge plus is the amount of perks for employees on offer with the Virgin ‘Tribe’ Card, which offers discounts across all Virgin services – train travel, cinema and festival tickets and much more.

Other benefits crew mentioned include competitive employee plans for healthcare and pensions, and access to the staff shop and ‘Clubhouse Spa’ at The Base– Virgin’s state of the art training facility in Crawley.

Oh, and crew reported that the feeling of walking through the airport in that iconic and glamorous red uniform puts a definite spring in your step!

emirates logo
The Dubai based lifestyle, while not for everyone, was repeatedly praised by Emirates crew, with accommodation costs being met by the airline. The salary and staff discounts were also rated as being very good.

The health insurance Emirates offer surpasses that of most other airlines, and the layover policy includes a high standard of accommodation and a generous expense allowance.

  • Other plus points include flexibility with annual leave and good development and promotion opportunities within the company.

norwegian logo

Top rated aspects of working for Norwegian are quality of training, flexibility, longer layovers and great flight crews.

The travel benefits for Norwegian cabin crew are also rated as good, as is the salary. Compensation for working overtime on scheduled ‘off days’ is also generous.

Internal promotion opportunities are available with the company preferring to hire from within, and staff and management were praised for being supportive and treating their employees and co-workers respectfully.

British Airways, Air France, Qantas and Qatar also scored highly as great airlines to work for as cabin crew, all similarly being praised for their quality of training and levels of benefits for employees.

Still confused as to who you’d like to fly with?!

It’s really a difficult one as it boils down to who you are as a person and what you want from your cabin crew career – the best advice we can give you is to do your research on the airline and the role before applying, and check that what they offer their crew is right for YOU.

Worried about how the application process works? Check out our range of step-by-step airline recruitment guides!

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