Top tips for tailoring your Cabin Crew CV summary

Applying for Cabin Crew jobs? You’re in a competitive market!

Your CV will need to catch a recruiter’s eye at the first opportunity – which is usually your personal summary.

A personal summary is the section of your CV that sits (typically) between your contact details and work experience. It’s the first paragraph an employer will read about you, so it has to be impactful. You will need to include the skills you’ve gained during your time as cabin crew, or if this is the first cabin crew job you are applying for, include any highly relevant skills that will stand out.

So what can you include to ensure your personal summary stands out? Below, we’ve made light of a few tips you can use to create the most effective summary for your cabin crew CV.

Keep your summary short and sweet

The length of a personal summary on your CV is typically expected to be just three or four sentences, summarising the key points from your CV. It’s important that you don’t include too much – this is just a snapshot, so go into more detail later on in your CV.

Include experience to show your worth

Adding a sentence or two about your experience in a cabin crew role is essential for your personal summary. For example, if you’re an experienced member of cabin crew, you should include the fact that you have X years’ experience – this immediately tells a recruiter that they are reading about someone who knows the role inside out, and will likely have the most relevant skills etc. You should definitely include which airline you have worked for previously if this is applicable – as the industry is so competitive, telling an employer who you have worked for previously helps them understand what level of professionalism you’ve been held to.

Don’t have experience in the profession yet? Not to worry! Some airlines will employ candidates who don’t have previous experience in a cabin crew role. If this is you, including experience relevant to customer service could be a winner…

Highlight standout skills from your CV

Showcasing any stand out skills relevant to a cabin crew role will be key if you want to get on board an airline’s recruitment process. So which skills stand out?

  • Excellent customer service
  • Outstanding organisation skills
  • Management experience (if you’re going for a senior cabin crew role)
  • Teamwork skills
  • Fluent in multiple languages
  • Working under pressure in fast paced environments

Proofread it

This is a short paragraph, but it can easily lose impact if there are spelling or grammatical mistakes left on it. Proofread your personal summary – could your sentences be shorter, does the wording flow? Make it really stand out.

Make it unique

Today, there is so much help out there online if you need a head start on your personal summary, or even the rest of your CV. While the mounds of advice definitely prove useful, you have to make your personal summary your own, based on your experience and your skillset. Don’t settle for a copycat tone – bring your own personality and style to this section and wow recruiters with your impressive summary!

Whatever you choose to include in your personal summary, always read each job description carefully and highlight the keywords and experience employers are looking for, before you begin writing – then craft your personal statement around the job description, making sure you tick the boxes that the recruiter is checking for. You’ll be in your dream cabin crew job before you know it!

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