Using our Cabin Crew Wings eBook Products

We often get questions from customers when it comes to downloading their eBook products – so we decided to put our most frequently asked questions in this area in one place, to help you with getting the most out of  using our Cabin Crew Wings eBook products.

How is my eBook sent to me?

eBooksWhen you receive your order confirmation email you will find a link for downloading the eBook. Simply click on the link and your product will instantly begin to download.

If you’re using a Windows PC your downloads will be stored in the File Explorer/Downloads folder. On a Mac, this is Finder/Downloads.

You can move your downloaded file and save it wherever is most convenient for you on your computer – in a folder, or on your desktop for easy access.

Help! I can no longer download my eBook!

Our eBooks are sent out with a 3-time download limit applied. This is why we recommend you save a copy to your device. If you repeatedly try to read the eBook via the link in your order confirmation email, access will be automatically cut off after you do this three times.

Many customers don’t realise that a copy has already been saved in their downloads folder! In addition, downloading the eBook multiple times can cause you to unnecessarily clog up your computer or device’s storage.

I want to read my eBook on my phone or tablet – where do I store it?

The best thing to do on a mobile device is to download a free app to read your eBook with. Quick and easy access at the touch of a button!

Chose the option to save the file when you access it from the download link, then save it to the app! Because our eBooks are saved in a versatile PDF format, they’re compatible with any PDF reader.

However, you can also use Amazon’s free Kindle app to read your eBooks, or if you’re on an iPhone or iPad you can use Apple iBooks, which comes pre-installed on new devices.

If you’ve got a traditional Kindle you can even send the file to your device through the Kindle app! Please note – if you’re saving to Kindle the option might pop up to ‘convert to Kindle format’ – we’d advise NOT to do this as it can alter the formatting!

I’ve lost my order email/I’ve deleted my eBook by accident!

Get in touch with our friendly customer service team who will help with any issues you may be having! We can resend your original order email, and help you re-access your products.

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