What do Cabin Crew pack in their bags?

Want to know what's inside Cabin Crew bags? Learn how to pack like a pro.

Ever wondered what Cabin Crew pack in their bags? We delve inside to find out what essentials Cabin Crew pack. And how does it vary when flying a turnaround versus a layover?

What Cabin Crew Pack

Packing for Cabin Crew can be similar to anyone going away for a short weekend trip or an overnighter – with a few exceptions.

All the things you’d normally want with you for a couple of nights away apply to Cabin Crew. Such as:

  • Spare clothes and underwear
  • Toiletries and make-up
  • Noise-cancelling headphones are a dream for entertainment, but also for helping you grab some much-needed sleep to overcome jetlag
  • Water bottle to stay hydrated
  • Book or tablet
  • Wipes for a quick refresh
  • Travel adaptor
  • Mini straighteners

Some items, though, are quite specific to Cabin Crew. Some Cabin Crew like to bring little extras, especially for layovers.

You can get portable mini hotplates if you’re on a budget and would like to cook something in your hotel room rather than eating out. A mini hot water bottle can provide a home comfort and keep you toasty when waiting for transfers.

When it comes to uniform, there are a few handy essentials Cabin Crew rely on. Compact sewing kits are crucial for dealing with laddered stockings or buttons that have fallen off. Invisible thread is great for seamless repairs. A hand steamer will come in useful for quickly ironing out any creases before a flight. Fabric gloves to wear under Covid-regulation latex ones can help keep your hands warm and your skin less irritated.

Cabin Crew on reserve shifts should always keep a packed bag. If you double up on all your cosmetics this will save time as you won’t have to gather everything together each time you’re expected to fly.

If you usually fly turnarounds and don’t live in crew accommodation, you’ll require transport to and from the airport. One useful tip is to withdraw money on payday to cover taxi costs, and to keep a separate purse in your carry-on. That way, you’ll know you always have enough to cover the fare.

What About My Handbag?

If you’re bringing a handbag or smaller bag along with your carry-on, pop in the items you’ll likely need the most regularly. These include:

  • Spare face masks
  • Wipes for face and hands
  • Purse
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Power bank/chargers
  • Lip balm, moisturiser and an eye mask
  • Hair clips and a comb or brush

Packing Hacks

  • Group items together in smaller bags within your case. You can store toiletries, electronics, flat shoes and underwear in separate bags for convenience and easy unpacking and re-packing.
  • Use bulldog clips to secure long cables. Chargers for phones and tablets and extra USB cables can get tangled easily and get stuck on other things. Keep them tidy with a couple of lightweight bulldog clips.
  • If you don’t already have one, buy a heat mat to wrap around your hair straighteners. You won’t have to wait for them to cool down before packing them, which will save time when getting ready in a rush.
  • Check the forecast for your destination and pack according to temperature and weather conditions. This also applies to checking the time of day on arrival. If you’re arriving somewhere at night and leaving early in the morning then it’s likely to be chillier so bring extra layers.
  • When wearing face masks due to Covid, lipstick isn’t essential. But it’s still worth bringing a tinted lip balm to keep your lips moisturised in the dry cabin.
  • Roll your clothes to save space and stop garments from creasing.
  • Avoid packing any bulky electronics. It will make your bag lighter but also means you’ll avoid the hassle of emptying everything out to go through security.
  • Bring coffee bags to slip inside your shoes when they’re packed – they can help to remove any unpleasant odours! Switch out about once a week.
Anything we’ve missed? Let us know what essentials YOU like to pack by clicking here.
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