What Have Cabin Crew Been Up to During the Pandemic?

How Cabin Crew have been keeping busy during the Covid-19 shutdown

It’s been a turbulent year for the aviation industry, and for Cabin Crew. The pandemic has put many people’s dreams and careers on hold, whether they’ve been planning to apply for a Cabin Crew job for the first time, or they’ve been put on temporary or indefinite leave. Sadly, there have been a lot of redundancies in the sector too.

Things are looking positive however. A route out of lockdown is planned and travel looks set to surge in the coming year as restrictions lift. Travel companies report bookings have soared, and people can’t wait to get back in the skies – meaning that recruitment for crew will be picking up too.

So what have those who have had their dreams and careers paused been doing during the pandemic?

The answer is, quite a bit!

Crew and Covid-19

Many crew have transferred their skills to other sectors for the time being. This has included helping out in the Covid-19 effort and vaccination programme.

Customer service and first aid skills, as well as the ability to keep calm in challenging and stressful situations, has meant that Crew have become indispensable members of the frontline team.

There have also been various initiatives like Project Wingman, a charity bringing together current and former airline employees to support the NHS. Volunteer work includes being there to chat with medical workers, providing refreshments and setting up makeshift ‘lounges’ to help them unwind.

Many Crew have also trained as Covid vaccinators, and taken up other key roles. These include:  contact tracers and Covid testers at airports, emergency services telephone operators and care home workers. Crew have also been on standby as volunteer health care assistants at Nightingale hospitals across the country.

It’s also handy that Cabin Crew have already passed stringent background checks to be in their position. Lots of you are bilingual. This means that you’re ideally placed for working with the public and with vulnerable groups.

Transferable Skills

Of course, this isn’t the only area to which Cabin Crew have transferred their skills. Customer service based jobs (particularly virtual ones) have picked up during the pandemic, and so have positions for virtual assistants and virtual PAs. Again, these are positions where Cabin Crew’s great communication skills come in handy!

Customer service roles in the hospitality industry are also great alternatives for Cabin Crew. Anything from receptionists to serving staff – socially distanced, of course!

Some Crew have even used the time to learn new skills and undertake online training and courses. Upskilling is always a good idea, whether it’s to further Cabin Crew careers or to explore a side hustle.

It really is a testament to the tenacity, imagination and great work ethic of Cabin Crew. And for those reapplying for jobs when recruitment revs up again, there’s going to be some fantastic examples of innovative thinking, initiative and determination to spur you on!

Are you a member of Cabin Crew who’s been on leave or been made redundant? What have you been up to – and what are your plans for the coming year? We’d love to hear your story!

If you’re hoping to apply as Crew when recruitment opens again, have you considered our Online Cabin Crew Course? It’s the next best thing to attending one of our 2-Day Courses!

You can also email us to join our waiting list for upcoming 2 Day Courses when restrictions allow us to run them again – fingers crossed this won’t be too long!

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